The first month

January 2023
Doing my daily routine of walking around and squat to stands, hoping to get on my exercise bike later now the pedal is fixed, if a month is a short span of time to measure changes I can honestly say it is the same as before Christmas so mot long enough and no major break th, waiting for new pain relief if and when the doctor can write a prescription

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@mrfrederickson keep going you probably won’t see it but I bet your making little bits of progress.

Glad your peddle is fixed that should help you get going a bit more.

Hope you get your medication sorted out very soon. Keep going kind regards Loraine

Will be chasing them at the end of the week , in the meantime pushed myself to a 2.6 mile ride on the bike, had better left leg control so , there is my improvement thank god not much but I’m going to take what I can., love you all


@mrfrederickson you are doing well. Improvements sometimes take a while to show & hopefully when you look back youll be able to say oh yes I could only do this 12 months ago & now I can do that. Sometimes it takes others to remind you how far you’ve come.

You are doing really well with your bike & great that your leg control has improved. I bet its building up lots of stamina too.

Keep going. We’re all rooting for you. X

Thanks for the encouragement, reflections at my stroke anniversary helps me gauge my recovery, certainly better than a year ago, so progress is happening but patience is not my best quality


@mrfrederickson bless you your doing a grand job and 2.6 is another improvement keep going. Look forward to see how far you go on bike next time :hugs:

Thanks Lorraine,
Moving forward albeit slowly and even if I have plateaus or reversals, keep goin to get to my goal of fluid walking outside my home and independently walking, more my old self

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That sounds like progress to me and all others on here . Great work indeed.

One of my 2023 goals is better quality and then higher quantity walking. Anywhere and everywhere.

Keep going and i hear you loud and clear with rwfsrd to patience…wirh you 100% on that

Take good care


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Agreed will get back in my box and keep on pushing my reluctant body to heal itself


We are all routing for you :wink::hugs:

squat to stand gets very hard very quickly. my physio used to ask for 10 with the last one held1/2 way for several seconds!

@mrfrederickson as the others have said keep pushing you can’t always see progress from one month to the next but over longer period the improvements shine through.

We’re your online cheering squad, woohoo.

Best wishes

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Thanks yes the people who see me infrequently notice the change in me, I guess I’m wishful my time away not good need to get pain under control and push on to do more

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Pre stroke I did squat lifting with a 16kg kettlebell, was very fit, now useless cannot walk far and cannot lift my arm, really sad

Couldn’t liftmy arm for the 1st year. Can get it above my head now.
My approach is ALWAYS push against the liminal capability. Rate of progress is increasing in some ways but finger are still a challenge yet to be improved on

I couldn’t do a kettle bell!


Thanks for your input great progress I hope to emulate your achievement, the arm gets passive movement daily on extension and rotation plus pulse vibration stimulation in the evening


I long to stretch both my arms over my head. Serving in tennis requires both hands, arms etc so i need my left upper limb to wake up to reach my ultimate goal of playing tennis again.
Im encouraged by the progress that im reading on the forum and will strive patiently and positively to get there.

Keep going everyone - things will change for the better…


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Great goal you will get ther, I was a keen pS4 gamer when the stroke hit so both arms are needed to play, the hope is there and many inspirational people on this forum are shining the light of hope.
Any attempt to use my left arm ends in a tight contracted limb and my left leg pumping or twitching,

Good luck everyone.

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@TRFCANDY53 i wasn’t able to lift my left arm above my head post stroke. I was given a shoulder pulley by a friend to try. Not sure whether I should have or not but I can now lift my arm above my head - not quite straight yet but much better than it was :grin::grin: coukd be worth a try but maybe check with physio first.


I’ve heard people say that an exercise bike for the arms is a good aid
It’s my hand that I have a challenge with - both worst and fingers, especially 2nd and 3rd fingers - they don’t move on demand :frowning:
Anybody any tips?

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