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About the forum

The forum is an online community for stroke survivors, carers, health professionals and all who have been touched by stroke.


Use this space to talk about whatever comes to mind, like what you got up to at the weekend, maybe you saw something funny you want to share or any hobbies or fun topics that interest you.

About stroke

This category is for topics relating to stroke in general. You can share topics and issues around stroke and your recovery.

Share your story

Use this discussion to introduce yourselves to the community, as well as share your story with others about your own stroke, or your loved one’s stroke.

Aphasia and communication

Problems with communication are common after stroke. Discuss the issues you have encountered, and any goals you have achieved.

Emotional effects

Stroke can have an impact on your mental health. Sharing your experience can help you and others manage the ups and downs.

Getting active after stroke

Moving your body after stroke is not just important; it is essential to a stroke survivor’s road to recovery. Share your experience of exercising after stroke, and explore what other tips and advice others may have.

Life after stroke

A stroke affects everyone differently. Use this space to discuss changes to your home, work, lifestyle, even holidays.

Stroke research

Find out about opportunities to take part in stroke research and funding opportunities.