here itis if you can read

Wow @tricia3 I just love it, the style is brilliant you are very talented :pray:

Just read it @tricia3 excellent read really enjoyed it. Very talented. You could concentrate on writing another again when you feel low. It’s lovely thanks for sharing :smiley::clap::clap::clap:

that was written maybe ages ago, for the poetry group, but not been since april, cos of stroke

i have loads of poetry and stories as i was in a writers group since my thirties

I really like the free verse style that you’ve used. :pray:

Evening @tricia3. Thank you for sharing this. In the first bit I felt like I was really there. You have a talent, keep going. It all helps in reminding us we are fundamentally the same person we were prestroke just with some annoying differences in how we have to do things. Julia x

@tricia3 your poem is great. Thank you for sharing. You should write some more it might help when you’re feeling a bit lonely. xx

i have loads written allreadyas was in poetry group,and writing group

@tricia3 do you think you could rejoin a group?

its not til septyember he hasnt sent any emails with peoples poems on as i am not writing any as he thinks i cant come cos of stroke, it was yesterday getting realy low, dont like weekends as i am so lonely

Great poetry coincided wa great dream I had where I got my mobility back and my arm all set for a great week, strok association barbecue on Monday at Elland cricket club for anyone in Calderdale

do you write then :grinning: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl: :rofl:

@tricia3 maybe you should let them know you are still around. Perhaps you could take it up again. :slightly_smiling_face: Could they keep in touch via email?

Then again, maybe I should mind my own business and stop pressuring you.

All of us who have had a stroke know those lonely moments, even when there are people about. You have my sympathy.

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i did he said as i havnt written any poems ,he didnt send the groups poemsto meto critique, he thouht i coudnt come cos of stroke

no i am glad for people to chat

I hope now you’ve been back in touch with poetry group they start to send you poems again. You clearly have a talent for it. Weekends can be difficult but hopefully it’s not been too bad for you. I’ve been to a christening today. It was great to get out but I am absolutely shattered now. Early to bed for me :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Weekend s tend to be ful of children mattersor aging in law’s they go quite quickly the week in early about to start and that goes equally as fast

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no not here, all mine are in essex, son in tamworth, thats why i dont like weekends.iwent for walk on own shattered bp was high, you have to send a poem before they put you back on group, sister rang

that is the footpath i went on

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@tricia3 Well done for going for a walk today - I felt too nauseous too manage it!

I agree the weekends are a bit lonely (I don’t have a partner or children) - my friends are all in Essex too and most people have their own commitments at the weekend.

I’m going to try and find something good to watch on TV, what about you?

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