strugging to fill in this form from the helpline it wont let me fill in hobbies i dont know how to do it

thanks my family are too far feel isolated

I believe that The Stroke Association do provide a service where someone in a situation like yours can get a one to one conversation.
I might be speaking out of turn here but try ringing the Stoke Association number and see what they can do for you.

As most people will say we are all in this together so you are not alone coping strategies have got better for me since joining and taking the good advice you get from fellow SS’son the forum.
I find doing exercises on my bike keep me sane plus walking from lounge to kitchen, take a look at some of the yearly progress update s people post-it gives you an idea of what you have accomplished and what you need to do to get something like a level life of sorts.take care

i did ring the helpline and she sent email with a form to fill into find people in my area for phone calls, i did fill in and send off

Hi @tricia3 i had my first call using the service yesterday and I found it very helpful. :blush: I hope they find you a buddy soon but in the meantime we are all here if you want to chat on-line.

A great startnow create a topic and talk to the responders

@tricia3 keep busy. Do you have a hobby you could try? We all have to help ourselves a little too. If you ring the stroke association and ask them for a call they are great support. I had 6 to 8 calls when I felt low. Maybe talk to GP for counselling. Be strong best wishes Loraine

Sometimes when engrossed with so many of our own problems there is a solution. Look around you, outside of yourself and look how you could be of use to another.
An encouraging word, just a smile, could be enough to lift both your world and theirs. A pair of ears and a willingness to listen can break ice and open up possibilities. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try.
I know that for a stroke survivor it is easy to feel isolated and alone, but the Internet is the modern meeting place. Be wise, stay safe, but make good use of it. You are not really alone at all.

This forum is a safe, caring environment, so a good place to start. Post anything, something you’ve done, random thoughts you’ve had, your hopes and dreams, experiences, whatever. There are folks here interested in what you have to say, who will chip in with their reaction. You’ll soon feel you are a part of something.


i did write about experiene in hospital as i was in writing group,and poetry, but i cant use right hand so well

writing but i have to be with other writers to get inspiration, hubby dont as he writes as well, but christian or crime. he has wrten poems same as me. not anything published

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i have filled inform for phone calls

Exciting have you published anything? Could you copy and paste some of your written work for us to read?

@tricia3 that’s pretty impressive, I think we’d all love to see some of your poetry :blush:

ok,its allover the place my computer

Take a photo and then upload like you did the photo of you. We all cannot wait to read a little. @Mrs5K is a budding poet :smiley:


I get excited if I make it back from the toilet without an incident :joy: simple things, getting mentally prepared for my shower morning where my poor wife helps me stumble to the shower and wash my back and anything my right arm can’t reach oh to be able to walk in normally one day

its on there but i cant seem to upload, only pics

Try taking a picture from your phone then upload as a picture or screen shot if you can :smiley: