Gadding about

Looking good @Bobbi great to see you venturing outside, keep up with the physio yourself once their input has finished, you’re on your way woohoo

Take care

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Loved the photo, keep on trucking!!!

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For any interested in the rollator you can see in the picture above, I bought it around six months ago and have used around the house since then.
I gained and improved my walking ability, gained strength and have reached the point where a physio and OT have encouraged me to use it outside. In the time I have been using it I also became able to walk with a stick, but the advantage of the rollator is that if I need or want to sit I am bringing a seat with me.
That seat has also proved useful to transport a cup of coffee or a sandwich if I have felt the need to raid the kitchen. We have our milk delivered and I have started to be the one who brings it in transported on the rollator and relieving Hilary of one small task in taking care of me.

When I left hospital after a two month stay I was not mobile and had little use of my right side. Another two months along, at home and this was still the case. I was despondent and imagined that is was how things were going to be.
I don’t remember how or exactly when but I did the proverbial pulling myself up by my boot straps.
It might have had something to do with discovering this forum. I had found somewhere I could say what I needed to say, also there were listening ears and voices with sympathy and encouragement.
It became important to try, come what may. This was so valuable.
I know that this space can be used by others to grow and work towards fulfillment. I am so happy to be a part of it.
It is also great to discover an appreciative audience for my strange sense of humour. :grinning:
I’ve gained mobility, to a degree, but next I must get out and escape from being house-bound. I’ll be working on that and eventually be returning to report on my progress.

I really appreciate the support and encouragement I have been given while going through all this and hope my experiences and this account might be useful to others.

Here’s to the future. and

keep on keepin’ on
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That is an inspiring photo! Thank you for sharing!

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You’ll do it!! The difference between doing it and not doing it is attitude. And you have the right attitude!! :star_struck:Jeanne

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@Bobbi keep on going, get your GP to refer you for physio, your local health provider should do this. I have had 6 lots of physio, now having musculoskeletal therapy for my left shoulder, good so far

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