Hi all. Has anyone been diagnosed with vertigo after their stroke. It’s been 10 months since my first & 5 months since my 2nd. Have dizziness & spinning when moving around especially when I move my head. Stroke consultant want to refer me to a vestibular doctor. Many thanks hi sorry you’ve been diagnosed with vertigo. My stroke was March 2021 then august I call it a funny turn, I was admitted and they said it was vertigo it lasted for 2 days on and off where the room was spinning and I felt like I was walking on a ship in servere weather. It eased off and now I occasionally feel slightly off balance. Other than before my stroke I never suffered with it. Buggered my skiing :skier: days up. Best wishes Loraine :blush::upside_down_face:

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Shwmae, I am to believe that vertigo is a description but not a condition. I was misdiagnosed with BPPV, and instead was having TIAs and then a major cerebellar stroke. I have vestibulo-oculomotor reflex issues, in that I feel giddy when moving and looking. If your stroke has affected your vestibular system, it will affect things like balance. BPPV (Or as some call it, vertigo) is a condition relating to the crystals in the inner ear that assist with balance, and this can be corrected or will only last for a brief while. There is also medication for it. However, if your condition is stroke related, then exercises will need to be introduced to recalibrate the parts of the brain responsible for tracking objects, moving the head, balance, and visual stimulus.