They all come at one

Have had a hectic week Friday my nephew came with his wife, Saturday grandchildren were with me till Sunday, now you other granddaughter is her with her son my greatgradson, till Friday plus my other grandson pops in overload or what just so much happen


@Mickyboy thats so lovely all your family generations coming to see you. You are lucky treasure the time.

Hope your feeling better too? Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern: :ghost::ghost::ghost::woman_mage::spider:

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How pleased you must be to have their love and support.

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@Mickyboy overload definitely but so nice to see them all and spend time with them. Precious moments indeed. You can rest when they have all left x

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Hi, you are definitely keeping busy. So lovely to have a loving family to share your life. We have 4 beautiful grand children under 5 and love it when they visit. Also quite enjoy it when they all leave to go home. I really can’t imagine how people deal with everything on their own.

Enjoy your family time.
Regards Sue


That’s wonderful @Mickyboy, yes it may be hectic but ‘feel the love’

Lovely seeing everyone really has been a lot, plus clocks going back has really put spanner in works as I normally go to bed at 9 but it’s 10 by summertime clock plus it’s getting colder don’t want to put heat on yet, plus back to lonely weekends again I must stop whining

I gave up and put my heating on. Just half hour in morning & couple hours evening. Just enough to take chill out of house. Not looking forward to electric bill though :grimacing:

@Mickyboy your not whining you can say what you like to us.

Have a hot water bottle in lap when your sitting watching tv extra help.

@Mrs5K me neither utility bills are going up and up, I noticed Tescos petrol went down last week note it’s up again. Keep going everyone one day we will arrive :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks for all your support, but dreading heating going on have heating in my summer house, so I’m ok there but I’m mainly in house during day