The Chicken and Leek Pie Saga

That filling looks delicious.
As for your pastry, don’t go saying it isn’t pretty,
Announce that it is artisan cookery and the look is intentionally rustic, baked to a golden brown and perfect in every way !

keep on keepin’ baking
:pie: :cook: :spoon:

Thank you Loraine @Loshy

Now why didn’t i think of that @Bobbi :rofl::rofl: i’ll remember that next time. :grin::grin:


I does look good @Mrs5K I would’t mind a slice.

Ill send one by carrier pigeon…hopefully it wont eat it before it arrives :grin::grin:

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I wouldn’t trust them pigeons with my pie
You’ll have to put a stamp on the corner of the piece and send it by royal mail.

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Taste test complete & i have to say the rustic pie was a triumph. Plenty left for tomorrow & hubby even asked when I am going to make it again. Thank you for the recipe @Bobbi


I know the wet slice of bread horrifies you @Mrs5K but you seriously got to grit your teeth and follow the instructions for Bobotie, you will enjoy it and so will those you share it with.
Trust me, it is an exceptional dish.

You won’t regret the ordeal in making it and you will return for more

Get the recipe for Bobotie here

Keep on keepin’ on
:spoon: :grinning: :+1:

Cherokee fry bread with some sugar little bit of water in it and salt also flour the yolk

If we gets a laptop it’s easy for us to use

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there are lots of devices you can use to talk on here.
There is the phone, the smart phone, the tablet or pad, the laptop and the PC or desktop computer to name a few.
Some people only have one, others have a few.
What do you use? Is it your favourite?

To be honest, that has my mouth watering and I just want to tuck in.
To me that’s real food and it’s not been played with to perfection.


You’ll have to be quick @EmeraldEyes there’s not much left :rofl::rofl:


I’m not sure gritting my teeth will work @Bobbi . I have a real thing about soggy bread. I might pass the recipe to hubby to make for me though :grin:


I prefer a laptop over pc easy

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yes laptops are handy

If he makes it for you, you will be back for more, it is good.

Windows 20223 tablet