Thank you and Good Bye

As a SSS (Stroke Survivor’s Spouse), can I thank you for all the wonderfully helpful advice that appears on this Forum? It gave me a much better understanding of how my husband’s post stroke life was for him. Like many I wish I had found it earlier.
It is Good Bye now as my husband has sadly passed away. I will recommend the Forum to anyone who asks about life post stroke


You were and are welcome here. If you want to come back at any stage to sound off, to give us any news, whatever, remember we care too.
You are as important as anyone here, don’t forget that.


@CarefulScot hi I’m so sorry to hear your husband passed away.

This is a great place to chat. If you need us we are all here for you.

Thinking of you best regards Loraine :hugs:

@CarefulScot so sorry to hear your husband has passed away. Sending my best wishes to you.

Please don’t feel you have to leave the site though. You’re still very welcome here if you want to be.

Sending my very best wishes.

Ann xxx

Sending you my sympathy for your loss

My sincere condolences on your loss @CarefulScot and as has already been said the forum will continue to be here for you. With love :pray:

So sorry to hear your sad news. Thinking of you. So glad the forum was helpful to you.

Kind regards Sue

So sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of you

@CarefulScot so sorry to hear of your sad loss, my thoughts are with you. Best wishes to you, take care, big hugs :hugs:

So sorry for your loss.

I’m new to this forum, and already I have found the support and care from other members truly inspiring.

Best wishes to you for the future.
Take care


Many condolences for your loss, I’m pleased that this forum has helped. All the best wishes to you.

My condolences to you as well. You are in my thoughts.

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Really sorry to hear your sad news. Glad the forum gave you some help.

Best wishes.

So sorry to hear of your sad loss.

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@CarefulScot, so sorry to hear of your tragic loss. It is good to know that the group on this forum has been of some help. Your time for needing help and support, though, isn’t over now, so do drop in and share your thoughts and feelings with us.
You are in my thoughts and prayers today.
Wishing you the kindest regards and richest blessings
Stewart (another sometimes careful Scot!)

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I’m so sorry for your loss :smiling_face_with_tear: god bless his soul talking really does help in many ways thinking of you as this time must hurt there’s so many wishing you love

So sorry to hear of your sad loss. I’m not surprised that you found the forum helpful: stacked with informative, supportive, compassionate sisters and brothers. Good wishes for your journey through the rest of your life. Magga

I’m so sorry to hear that your husband has passed. I wish you and your family all the best for the future :heart:

So sorry for your loss xx

CarefulScot,so sorry to hear of your sad loss. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time. Thinking of you. Triciax