Swallowing difficults

Hi to everyone. I had a stroke 3 years ago. For the last few weeks I have some difficulty in swallowing some foods. I was wondering if this has anything to do with having had a stroke. Has anyone else experienced such problems.

Yes, this can be after a stroke.  My husband has twice had this problem in the last year.  He is on level 4 pureed food but before on level 6 this his soft and bite size.  A Speech Therapist will help you to know what is best for you.  Askyour doctor about being referred to one.

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I find that when I am tired or even slightly unwell, any or all of my stroke deficits can resurface or worsen, including my swallow - it's rarely serious but things such as peanuts can start to be difficult to swallow. It is usually temporary and resolves within a few days.

After we have a stroke, parts of our brain have to work at over 100% to perform their usual tasks and taken on some of the work of dead or damaged brain cells. This causes the fatigue we so often experience but when we are unwell or tired, they can't do this "more than 100%", so we feel like it is a setback.

I initially  lost my ability to swallow when I had my stroke - it has recovered completely, apart from these odd setbacks. 

If these swallowing problems are completely new or causing you to choke or other problems, seek professional medical advice - this can be serious. I developed double pneumonia from this and it very nearly killed me.

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Thanks for your reply 

Thanks for your reply