Stroke seizure

I want to hospital with blue light and found I add seizures I am on tables now amarox levetiracetam 250mg I have a laughing or I can crying I don’t know so I laughed

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Sorry to hear you’re having seizures but hope the meds are controlling it. Like you say you have to laugh else you’d cry.


@sharris776 so sorry you have had to endure a seizure. Thank goodness you have medication niw. There’s only one thing to do is laugh :joy: or we all would cry :sob: keep going best wishes Loraine

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Sorry to hear @sharris776, sometimes this stroke debacle is like the Black Knight from Monty Python’s The Holy Grail.


I had a huge seizure in October 2021 taken to hospital put on Levetiracetam 250mg 4 weeks later had a second mild seizure Levetiracetam increased to 500mg twice daily. Touch wood not had one since. Told because of my stroke I had the seizures

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