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Hi all just wanted to say hi,  I'm working in a primary school in pontypool,  I have four children and a wonderful husband. I had a stroke in January this year , got sent home from hospital and then lockdown. So as you can tell all my appointment were cancelled.  Now I am crying daily and have terrible anxiety please can anyone give me advice x

So sorry to hear your story. I am in the same situation as you, and all my appointments have been cancelled. They also told me just before lock down that they had found an aneurism, which I am waiting to see what they are going to do about it. It is an awful situation to be in, and there seems to be no-one out there that can help us. I finally gave in and let them put me on an anti anxiety tablet, which have helped a little, but it is something I am battling through mostly on my own. I find I don't try to stop the crying, I just let it all out, and it acts as a sort of release. I have just started taking a magnesium supplement which is supposed to help and I have heard good things about it, so well worth trying. Sometimes just writing it all down helps, that's why I find this site so helpfull, as you can get it all out and someone will always answer.

Take care, there are now signs of this lock down ending, so we can hope that things get back to normal before long, and we can get our appointments back. Am thinking of you.


Aw thanks so much for your response,  it really helps me . Hopefully will speak soon xxx 

Any Time.

Hello Jane sorry that you have such awful stroke reactions. It is quite normal to be tearful. We have suffered such a lot of trauma. It helps me to read the guide. I feel I am not alone. Last September fell with 4 posteria strokes. I lay on the floor for 12 hours. I was critical. The strokes took out my balance and I have partial loss of vision in left eye sending healing to you love judy

Thanks for that Judy. it is so nice to know other people are feeling the same. This site is a great help and comfort to me and especially when I have lovely messages from people like you. Bless you. Jane.

Just to say hang in there Carlene. I was sent home after a month inhospital after surgery for my aneurism, into this lockdown situation. So we are getting a double whammy of everything seeming weird isolated and difficult. I have only just found this site and it seems really good, hopefully a lifeline.

All best wishes


Aw Thank you for answering Andy,  yep I agree with you this is a very hard time for many off us . Hopefully this lockdown won't last too long and we can all focus on getting better properly. I hope your doing ok remember I'm here if you ever need to talk  x

Thanks for your reply Jane,  I'm hoping your doing ok.thanks for the advice on the crying situation,  i will let it out and see how I feel after it .I started my anti _depressents today so hopefully they will help me . Dont forget im here for you if you ever need to speak thanks carlene x

That 's o.k Carlene, hope it helps. Just to let you know the anti-depresents take a while to kick in.......mine took a month before any give them time. I must admit they are helping me now.

All the best, Jane. X

Indeed, it is an awful time for all of us!  So sorry to hear what you have been through.  I was only 28, overcame total paralysis etc, life can be shit, though wonderful too!  Glad you are back at home during this lockdown.  Could have been much worse?  Let it all out, but also let the pills help in time.We are all here, if you need to 'talk'.  Peace Carole x

Thank you for your response , it really helps to speak . X

Absolutely.  You're welcome, and hope you're well.  Peace Carole x