Quordle A different word game

Has anyone tried “quordle “? I now do “Wordle “every day and enjoy taxing my brain. I now try quordle but only manage two out of four words. However I like trying. Lilian

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Hi Lillian I do wordle but haven’t heard of the new one might give it a go thanks for sharing. @l_platt :joy_cat::blush:

Hi Lilian, I haven’t heard of that one, but I’ll give it a go. I do Wordle, so the more the merrier

I too do wordle. I can play the daily game on 2 devices as if I haven’t already played it…memory not what it was :rofl::rofl::rofl: will have a look at quordle…never heard of it :thinking:

I do Wordle, Quordle, Globle & Nerdle everyday and still really enjoy them. My wife does them too and we compete (light heartedly). My son does Wordle & Globle as well.
Good for you brain even if you don’t always get them all.

Hi Lilian, Just tried Quordle for the first time, sorry to say I was rubbish at it lol, though will try again :grinning: hopefully I’ll get better

Hi Mahoney. Don’t lose heart. I was also rubbish to start with. I am gradually improving daily and from only guessing one word I have now progressed to three. Roll on tomorrow I may make it four! Lilian

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I’ll keep trying Lilian, I think the 4 words together was a little daunting, I didn’t know which one to concentrate on, there’ll be a knack, I just haven’t found it yet :rofl:

you have inspired me to try Wordle - it’s quite addictive. Just going to try ONE a day

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I had a go at quordle yesterday. Oh my…I managed 3 words on 1st attempt then it all went downhill from there. Just 1 now :thinking: will keep practicing.


I now do a daily “octordle” I find it fascinating. Lilian

Wow @l_platt that sounds challenging. I’ve just had a couple of goes at Quordle and managed a 2 and a 3. 4 seems to be elusive right now. :blush:

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