Hello All,
Good morning everybody, just a quickie, can depression disappear overnight? i had a stroke on Boxing Day last year, was in hospital for four months, four months in hospital is no fun! I’m housebound now, I don’t get any visitors but that suits me, married three times so I don’t mind only me for company. I have a few interests but as I had dementia before the stroke I do have problems grasping things mentally, feel like a four year old sometimes!
So, my own issues aside, no left hand side, concentration skill of a dead prawn and mobility of a tailors dummy what’s changed in twelve hours, I don’t know. Anyone? Ta.


Hi @tony1 welcome to this Forum.
I went through a four month period in hospital after a stroke six months ago.
I also am housebound, with mobility somewhat improved recently. I can move around the house a little now which makes me hope that over time things will improve. There are ups and there are downs but that’s life isn’t it?
I’m guessing you left hospital with some sort of care package. Judging by the way you describe yourself some of that care must be still available so that you can function. I could not survive without the support of my wife, I am company for her and she likewise is for me.
Over and above this I have contact with others through the internet on this Forum for example. There is sympathy, sharing of experiences, a chance to vent, communication with others in a similar plight to your own and much more available here. I very much recommend making use of it.

I’ll answer your questions with a question for you. Do you think what is here can help you?
I think it can but it is your question, up to you how you answer.

I’m away to the kitchen to make a piece of toast with some marmite on it.


Shwmae @tony1, croeso. Sorry to hear you’ve been smote. Four months of ward nurses and hospital food is a long stretch, you must have been pleased when you came home. Can depression disappear overnight? I don’t see why not. A recent study showed that depression isn’t caused by low serotonin levels, but may instead be a reaction to one’s circumstance and environment, so I guess it is possible to have a mental shift that can suddenly change one’s mood. Although, I do wonder why they thought it related to serotonin levels for so long, depression has been widely studied for many years.

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@tony1 welcome. Sorry to hear of your stroke. 4 months in hospital is a long stint & I bet it was great to get home. Hope you are getting all the help you need.
I don’t know the answer to your question about depression but I could be swayed to agree with @Rups although I would think long term serious depression is unlikely to disappear so quickly.
You are sounding quite positive which is good yo see.
Best wishes

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Welcome to the community @tony1, sorry about the stroke.

You’ll find lots of good advice and support here wishing you all the best

@tony1 welcome to our forum sorry you’ve had a stroke. You will find us SS a friendly bunch and willing to share our experiences. Kind regards Loraine

Hello Loraine and thank you for the welcome, I’ll look at the site regularly but the enceph. causes issues with respect to communication. Take care and than you for the welcome. Tony.

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@tony1 your very welcome we all try to help each other. Look after yourself and stay in touch.

Join our silly games about animals, food, play on words and places. It’s a few minutes of fun and sometimes a bit cheeky. We also have the gardening posts which is interesting to read. Best wishes Loraine