People not understanding


Anyone else living with someone that thinks i shouuld be gungho and out everyday walking up and down the road on my walker! And going on journeys.



@a.clare71 looking in from the outside can be difficult, others just don’t understand what it’s like inside our body now, they don’t comprehend the fatigue we feel. They simply don’t understand a brain injury can take months or years to come back from.

It’s tough when everyone expects you to be the same as pre stroke and you simply can’t do what you did.

Ask them to read the article here it may help them understand

Best wishes

Yes I know that feeling well. I get so fed up with it, but what can we do. Thank God for this site. Jane.

Hi this is a common reaction from many. They do not understand that brain damage is unlike a cough, cold, bump or bruise. After more than six years I still get asked when will I get better and am always told I look well.

I overheard my Farther talking to a friend of his and apparently I am not working hard enough or doing enough walks outside - if it was him he would be better!!!

An undamaged brain cannot conceivably feel what a damaged brain feels. The best we can strive for is empathy. I come across this daily, and sometimes it rubs me the wrong way but mostly, I am resolved to do what is best for me. If that requires a few inactive days in bed, or whatever feels best at the time.

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