My Botox journey … continues

This Morning @ Guy‘s Hospital I went for my Onabotulinumtoxin A injections better known to ourselves as Botox it was decided late last year that having these injections would perhaps quieten down my Essential/Resting Tremor a 30 minute procedure in all which if I’m honest has been the brunt of my Stroke recovery for too long now ‘ been told that these injections given to both arms/legs will paralyse the muscles & nerves it’s injected into which can help to reduce the frequency of the tremor ‘ feeling bruised & sore where I was injected but told that’s the norm & will see results If any in 5-7 days .


Really hoping that works well for you @Jordan. Keep us posted on the outcome.

Best regards


Hope all goes well Mini-man. There’ll be less bruised ankles and shins in London if it goes well.London marathon next year we’ll all look out for you

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@Jordan fingers crossed for you

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@Jordan hope it works well for you. Xx

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Thank you ALL for your kind words
Of course I’ll be letting you know what changes develop over the coming days
Still sore where they injected me & waiting patiently for happening’s
Watch this space



This morning my legs/arm are feeling stiff & finding myself using more of an effort to move them , not frozen let me add I feel i need to focus on moving my joints if that makes any sense
Went for a walk to Battersea park this morning & felt more steadier than I have for a long time though the effort to just walk was tiring
Read up about these symptoms when I got home
Seemingly the heavy rigidity I’m experiencing is all part of what the injections of Botox are doing this stiffness will ease once the brain accepts & works with the drug my tremor what these injections were all about has lessened greatly holding my arms straight in front of me it’s only my hands that have the tremor & im hoping with the days ahead that to will not be so noticeable .
After my drive/walk I was very tired as was working I felt much harder to compensate for the stiffness .
More to come ……


Sounds like there has been a bit of an improvement for you. Lets hope the rest comes in the next few days.

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That sounds positive @Jordan and hopefully the warm weather will help to rekuevevsome stiffness too for all of us

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It’s great to hear that you are taking steps to manage your essential/resting tremor through Botox injections! It must have been a challenging journey for you, but it’s encouraging to know that treatments are available to help improve your quality of life.

I sat on the fence making up my mind whether to take or opt out as I found reading as much as I could regarding Botox injections where opinions favoured both for & against almost 50/50 so yes even seeing the needle b4 it being injected I was dubious to say the least though now it’s been almost 2 weeks & it’s showing improvement though I feel I’m struggling with using more effort to move my joints nowhere near a statue but very very stiff so for now taking it one day at a time as the drug works through my system
Thank you for your kind words



I also had botox once at, but I did it just for beauty. I wish you all the best on your Botox journey!

Added some more information

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