What music inspires you post-stroke. This is my first recommendation because I am an Aussie. Thunder Struck.

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Chilled tunes for me, dire straits, Ed sheran, luis Capaldi, rag and bone man :blush:

I find most music relaxing and listen most days to radio, Classic and Smooth. Lilian

I’ve always been a classical music fan. I do like musical theatre too but am also an Ed Sheehan, Calum Scott, Beautiful South fan.

If it’s music then I tend to enjoy it…….with the exception of jazz :saxophone::trumpet:

My favourite too. My claim to fame is that I went to Download Festival, on my own, to see them (pre stroke).

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James live at Isle of Wight festival, Ennio Morricone and Metallica live with San Francisco Philimonic orchestra

I like the Beatles–like to play it with my ukulele and sing along. Also, harmonica, is very cheerful and upbeat. You can feel depressed listening to the harmonica. :grinning: :heart:Jeanne

We listen to a radio station called ‘Magic’ here in NZ. it plays all the top songs of the past many of which are dreadful and should be confined to the rubbish bin. Unfortunately it is the best station around for us oldies. I’d rather listen to the Concert programme but being the only serious musician in the house I do not have the right to retune the radio!

Mostly, I listen to medieval music and comedy songs from the likes of Monty Python and The Goodies, and at night drone & drift sci-fi ambience. When I shower, I always listen to something lively whether it’s ACDC, Cat Stevens, Ian Dury, Grace Jones … the reason for this is because shower time is when my thoughts can get messy, so something to belt out some vocals to has its benefits. I listen to Classic FM every morning, it’s my alarm clock. I listen to Gregorian Chants when cooking. And just the sounds of nature when gardening.

Before stroke, I rarely listened to music. Now, it has become essential in recovery. Good lung exercise too for laboured breathing, although I can’t hold a tune :joy:

I have a wide and varied selection of music I listen to.
I like most things except jazz and rap, although saying that I’m currently listening to KLF, and there is some rapping in it, although I don’t class it as rap music.
Last music binge before that was the Dubliners (told you it was wide and varied)