Mum had a stroke - no speech, movement & incontinence

Hi everyone,

Have been reading a lot on here so thought it was time to share our story and see if any tips or advice anyone can give.

My mum had a stroke three weeks ago and due to the severity of damaged caused and how the stroke progressed she has been left with severe affects.

She has apraxia and aphasia and has difficulties understanding language and communicating. We are currently using a communication (yes/no) board and have been advised to ask closed questions. She can manage thumbs up but sometimes gets confused in her response.

She has lost movement on her right side but has three weeks on managed to learn to stand and sit and is repeating this with the physio daily.

She has incontinence which of course is another side affect.

She is due to come home hopefully just a few days before Christmas.

I just wondered if anyone has any advice of how they have managed severe aphasia and apraxia with themselves or family members and if anything that is useful to help aid recovery? And likewise any advice on how can help with retraining with toilet training etc.

I am completely aware that there is a very long road ahead which can be very daunting and hard.

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@Nicolalalala morning welcome to our forum very sorry your mum had a stroke.

I think others will be able to advise from a carers point of view.

It is daunting and worrying. I can only suggest from a SS and x teacher stimulating your mum with baby jigsaws or even flash cards with words to blend.

Maybe a blackboard or whiteboard with a large marker so it is easier to hold.

I hope you get better advice from some of us soon. I wish you and your mum well and great recovery and look forward to hearing your journey together.

Any questions, rants, tears or screams are all welcome.

Kind wishes Loraine

Sorry I can’t give any advice Nicola but I hope she’s home for Christmas

@Nicolalalala welcome to the forum but sorry your mum has had a stroke.

I can’t advise on aphasia & apraxia other than to say repetition, repetition, repetition…but i’m sure you know that.

Is your mum capable of doing some pelvic floor exercises? This may be a start to help with being able to hold on longer…if its more a case of not knowing when she needs to go then i think just taking her to toilet at suitable intervals may be an option. I would get medical advice though as you wouldn’t want to make it worse if for example she is catheterized.

Wishing you all the best.

Ann x

Hi @Nicolalalala so sorry to hear about your mum, hopefully the carers on the forum will be able to offer advice/suggestions from the carers perspective.

Stay strong, 3 weeks is early days so there’s definitely time for improvements to be made.

Best wishes

Welcome to the group you need to get in touch with adult social care services either by your GP or council office. Ask the hospital for out patients support services like community stroke team run by NHS. Make sure your GP surgery is up to date on what as happened and any support there can offer. As for welfare rights go to your local job centre and make an appointment with a disabled rights officer. Hope this helps with kind regards des

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