Little triumphs

A previous post by @Pds got me thinking about the things we do that are a big achievement for you big or small. What was it? did anyone praise you or not even notice?

I was chuffed to bits that I went round to the front of my house and brought mine and our neighbours bins in, I thought I’d at least get a thats great Mum but nope I got a grunt of just leave the bins. :frowning_face:


Hi NapQueen. Not a cook apart from basic pasta dishes.Fantasric partner, she went out one afternoon so I decided to do dinner. Raid larder to do a vegetarian (I am partner isn’t) Bake, didn’t look appetising but it had to be nutritious? Got quaunties wrong and ended up with large basin full. So four nut/bean/ brick shaped bakes destined for deep freeze. Did vegetables, stewed apples put nutritious brick in oven but failed to notice oven door not closed :weary:. Frantic period clearing up mess. Just make it. Meal cooked by time wonder woman got back, the proof of a bake is in the eating :+1:t3::hugs:. Yes the old boy did well. Since being stroked can’t really explain it but realised I’ve become more understanding and forgiving and aware and beginning to realise love is the key to all things. Don’t and won’t belong to any religious organisation but in the words of the Jodi Mitchell hippy era song “I Feel I’m stardust and golden and I’ve got to get myself back to the garden where ever it is. Peace and Love to you all.


Wow that sounds a lot you certainly did well, I’m more a chuck in the microwave kinda girl but since the stroke I am watching what I eat especially salt content. And gosh I’m the opposite since it happened I’m not forgiving or understanding at all :flushed: I can be quite harsh, although in the past I was far too nice and just took all the :poop: family are struggling with the change :woman_shrugging:t2:
It’s so strange how it affects everyone differently I’d never have thought that.

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Nap queen. Well done. The first time I took the bin out was a real effort. I can do it reasonably well now. It helps that the bin rolls well. My partner has always shown me tough love, by expecting me to do what I can and not stopping me. However, I can’t lift things well and certainly couldn’t stand on a chair or a stool. I can manage to get a few things upstairs step by step and I can Hoover with a cordless vac.

Success in small things is a personal triumph, whatever others think.


Wrangling bins can be quite a task, well done @Sharon_B for getting them back in. :+1:

The first time I wrote a shopping list for hubby to take shopping, bearing in mind my right dominant hand was affected by the stroke, I was so proud of the achievement, it took quite some time as I had to write slowly so it could be legible and quite big as I couldn’t write smaller due to fine motor skills being shot.

Yes, I was expecting praise… I got “I could have done that”, not the response I was expecting :woman_facepalming:

Still the sense of accomplishment I felt was immense and his lack of praise didn’t diminish the self-pride I felt.

Best wishes


Well done @Pds having made up meals in the freezer is a bonus :clap::+1:

We’ll said @John_Jeff_Maynard

My first achievement following my stroke was being able to squeeze the toothpaste out the tube using my affected hand. Small things hey :grin:
My next big achievement was getting both feet on the bottom stair at home. I was so thrilled with this I message loads of people. Only the next day I couldn’t do it again and was most upset…………I can now do a full flight of stairs. Next stop taking something up with me :grin:


Well done @Mrs5K stairs are tricky, the messaging friends made me laugh I too liked doing that …well still do but people are bored when I discovered I could scratch my back with my affected hand I was so excited :laughing: rushed in to the living room to tell my Sons and got a grunt.

Oh that must be so hard writing with an affected hand, like learning to write again, I’d have been raging if I didn’t get praise for that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ooh the thought of standing on a chair makes me queasy I did stand on the bottom step of the step ladders but haven’t plucked up the courage to do it again. I fancy one of those cordless hoovers, my hoover is making things harder than it needs to be!

@Sharon_B I was so thrilled about the stairs & noone was home I just had to tell people. I’ve not been so enthusiastic since in case my 1st attempt is a fluke :grin: I still bore everyone with my achievements though :rofl:
Being able to scratch your back with your affected hand is amazing…I get the grunts though as my hubby does that. :see_no_evil:


@Mrs5K it’s a great feeling mastering all the little things we used to take for granted, when you mentioned the toothpaste tube I remembered the first time I did it, I felt euphoric.

Even now I’ve got a huge grin on my face remembering it. Thanks for listing it as an achievement and bringing back that memory for me too :grinning:

Great progress you’ve made with the stairs

@Sharon_B Keep singing your own praises and celebrating all the wins, big and small :grinning:

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Looking on the bright side, it must have been embarrassing for him to take a list to the shop that looked like a 4 year old had written it, at least it wasn’t in crayon :rofl::joy:

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@Mahoney glad I made you smile. I still feel chuffed about squeezing the toothpaste as it was my first real achievement. Then when I managed to get the toothpaste on the toohbrush too you can imagine the smile I had :grin:
The stairs are still a work in progress but I can get up and down them now putting both feet on each step. Next goal to get up and down with feet on alternate steps.
All those things we used to take for granted hey.

Well done on the stairs. I’m lucky in that I’m OK on stairs but still have to dare the second rung of a ladder - it may just be one step too far for me.

Thank you @FionaB1 I have to say the thought of a ladder makes me feel anxious. Well done on managing the first rung………. May be some time before I get there.

@FionaB1 The second rung of a ladder :scream: wow I never done that even before the stroke :rofl:

Oh I certainly will be singing my own praises :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: