It's been a while 👋

Hi everyone hope you are all well and so is your recovery journey. :man_climbing:

Sorry for not being in touch for a while, I’ve been working on my recovery and doing some volunteering to raise awareness of strokes. Can’t believe it’s been over 2.5 years since the stroke.

I read some posts about people feeling low at the moment and I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one suffering from winter blues.

It’s been quite bad as I have cried a few times including at the start of my physio sessions. Doesn’t help that I am finally off my anxiety meds and having to adjust accordingly.

On the plus side I’ve finally go to terms with my mild aphasia and auditory overload. It’s been a challenge finding quiet cafés and restaurants where the noise levels are not overwhelming. Loads of research and a few purchases of noise sensitivity ear plugs which will hopefully assist with the sensitivity.

Reading :books: or longer articles used to be difficult after the stroke, until I finally acknowledged my language deficit and joined an aphasia book club. I now find it easier to read especially when I listen to relaxing music at the same time.

Wishing everyone a lovely spring :sunflower: when it finally decides to make an appearance. Hugs from dreary, cold and rainy Edinburgh :snowflake: :umbrella:


@joy.alliy good to hear from you. Sounds like you’ve made some positive progress. Well done on raising stroke awareness too. That’s an amazing thing to do.

Good to hear your reading has improved. I might have to look into that too & the ear plugs. Which ones did you get?

Here’s to a lovely spring, which I hope isn’t too far away now.

Best wishes.

Ann x

@joy.alliy hi nice to hear from you again. Sound s like your full swing busy now.

I’m struggling to read yet I could about a year ago (2 years since stroke today) I’ve just got some great ear plugs and listening to audio books. I’ve just finished first and pretty much enjoyed it.

Wish you a lovely spring too as you said when it comes :hugs::joy::joy: we had snow again this morning in Cumbria

Keep going and kindest regards, :hugs:

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Happy stroke anniversary Lorraine!

The volunteering is keeping me busy and derailing me a bit from my day job. I’ve had a lot of time to think about a change in career to something less stressful than my current profession.

Audio books are amazing. I listened to one by Matthew Mcconnaughey last year and kept falling asleep as his voice is so soothing.

Which make of ear plugs do you have.

We had a few flurries in Edinburgh this morning and it was -15 in North Scotland last week. Does your affected side go very stiff when it’s cold.

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Hi Ann,

The physical side of the recovery is going well but I’m still struggling with the emotional side.

Raising awareness helps me to focus on the postivites of stroke recovery, almost I got a bit triggered the other day when some one referred a stroke as ‘a monster’.

I’m currently testing Loop Engage ear plugs and also Flare Calmer ones.

@joy.alliy i think the emotional side can be the hardest but to conquer. I know i’m finding it difficult. Been very emotional the last few weeks.

There are many positives & doing something that helps you focus on them is great.

I’ll have a look at those ear plugs. Someone mentioned loop experience to me too. Guess they’re all similar.

@joy.alliy i don’t think we are far from you about hour and half? We are just outside of carlisle.

I get pins and needles more and burning sensation.

I totally agree I start to listen to my book and then start nodding off :joy::hugs:

I feel tired listening to what you are doing, mind you I had my 3 grandkids today as teachers were on strike and I’m shattered.

Thank you for happy Anniversary! :joy::joy:

Opps forgot to show your ear plugs

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Hi Ann, I have both the Loop Quiet and Engage earplugs.


As I’m now reading a bit more in fits and starts might give listening to relaxing music a try as I read.Had a very good talk by librarian at my Stroke support Group of what the local library can offer us SS. Just got my free bus pass so I’m off there soon.


Thank you @joy.alliy i will have a look xx