Hello my name is Tony

Good morning all
I hope everyone had a good night’s sleep I was awake at just after 5 again the dawn chorus again lol
Her ladyship should be happy this morning eventually got her firestick up and running hope there is no of the telly is rubbish again today all those channels to watch lol

Good Morning Tony or probably afternoon now. I slept 10 hrs last night & still feel spaced out :rofl:
Hope the firestick has some good programmes to watch today :grin:

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Bore da @Mrs5K and @Tony2, I slept about ten hours too, and am still groggy. It’s Sunday, I don’t ever rush around on a Sunday, I keep my plans minimal, and prefer to just potter. Today, I will be painting a trailer for the mini-tractor and picking some eaters for my fruit bowl. Have a pleasant day.

A good night’s sleep does not come easy
Oh that firestick I don’t know probably watching Xmas movies again lol

@Rups that’s what Sundays are for. I’m not rushing at anything today. A bit of pottering is as good as it gets today :grin:
Enjoy painting your trailer. Sounds like fun.

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Well I managed to get one off those apps off Facebook so know watching the Celtic game

Hi @Tony2 , Just an observation and not a criticism., but I wonder if you realise that there are now 4 or 5 separate posts with the title “hello my name is Tony”?

When I look at the forum, I often don’t have a huge amount of time (due to being back at work) so I try to prioritise by the topic titles and how recent the post are. This becomes more difficult when there are multiple posts with the same subject heading

Maybe you don’t realise that you can reply on your own posts by using the reply button at the bottom?

It is good to hear from you and I hope you are finding this forum helpful but I thought it maybe helpful for you and others if I pointed out this.

Please don’t take offence and keep enjoying the forum

All the best…


Thank you I did not realise that I certainly use that on future

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Well for me it’s church in Sunday then but if rest preparing my sermon for next Sunday priest is away on holiday hope she was a good time then a bit of DIY then watch TV my wife is working from 3 till 10 so it’s just me and the dog. Happy Sunday everyone