Heart racing

Hello all , I had my stroke a few days ago and after a night in hospital I was allowed home . I feel ok - tired and flat but I am very aware of my heart beat which seems very fast and erratic. Anyone else experienced this ? 
Thank you 

hello hez,, i too had a stroke,a night in hosp,, take it easy,,, (mine was 31/3, came out on 1st April!!), 

Hez, a stroke makes us ultra aware of our bodies because, emotionally, we go on 'high alert'. You will therefore notice every twitch, twinge and heartbeat. The important thing for you to do at the moment is just rest and relax.

Hi Hez, just to let you know, I suffer the same, and I had my stroke 18 months ago. Had all the tests done and heart all o.k. It's just us stroke surviors seem to pick up on all sorts of weird and wonderful things!!!!! I have learnt to live with this and know it is just me worrying about things again, so I do hope this will be the same for you. Take care, Jane.