Happy New year

I was given this wonderful card during my 7 week stay in hospital which I have since framed no not every day but I do read it’s 12 reminders from time to time . I’d like to share them here with you

  1. The pass cannot be changed
  2. Opinions don’t define your reality
  3. Everyone’s journey is different
  4. Things always get better with time
  5. Judgements are a confession of character
  6. Over thinking will lead to sadness
  7. Happiness is found within
  8. Positive thoughts create positive things
  9. Smiles are contagious
  10. Kindness is free
  11. You only fail if you quit
  12. What goes around comes around
    . …
    My best wishes to all the members here
    Wishing you a Happy Healthy 2022

Hi Jordan. Thank you for your thoughts. What positive words. I hope you have a good New Year. Lilian

Happy New Year to you as well Jordan. Part of my philosophy now is that every day is a new day and a new challenge. Am just back from my morning walk. The lazy part of me wanted a simple walk, but the challenge part of me made me do a more difficult one. It’s not a long walk, but it was mild and there was a Robin singing. I. Walked slowly and steadily with my stick and, fortunately, no tottering.

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Hi John
you can’t get any more christmases ( is that a word🤔) then seeing a Robin on your walk . I know what you mean when you say the challenging part of you pushed you out to walk @ a comfortable pace with your stick . & just reading your txt I’ve decided myself not to go in my exercise bike today but head of to Battersea park a steady if not wobbling stroll to the cafe where you can sit by the pond and watch the wild life right now there’s a group of swans here and it gives the large pond a dreamy vision ohh & there Hot Chocolate with cream is yum .
Enjoy your day John & B/strong

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Hi Lillian
Your very welcome
Enjoy your day

Fantastic words Jordan, great mantra to live by. Thank you for posting it on this forum. I am going to copy it and when I feel down read it!! Take care and have a great New Year.
Best wishes to you, Jane.

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Hi Jordan @Jordan what a lovely thoughtful card to receive, I’m into affirmations and love these types of quotes/reminders as I believe inner ‘self talk/dialogue’ can affect how one thinks and feel about oneself, one should always strive to be kind to others and their self.

If you’re told something often enough, even via your own thoughts about yourself, you will start to believe it. Everyone should ‘speak’ to themselves positively.

Have a wonderful happy, healthy New Year :tada:

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Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, @Jordan, thanks for sharing, it’s a good idea to have these kinds of reminders to help ground us during times when we get swept away by it all. I have recently started runic reading again, I used to do this as a child for a bit of fun, and got a bag of staves for Christmas. It’s not divination, it’s just a nice way of helping to answer a question if stumped by something. Hope you have something pleasurable to see you through to the New Year :grinning:

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Hi Rups
sadly with my medication not relating to the stroke I have doesn’t allow me beverage of any kind so instead of the usually glass of cranberry juice I’ll treat myself to a pint :joy:
I’ve always been a prolific reader especially biography’s & anything conspiratorial ( did we land on the moon- was Lee Harvey Oswald a loan gunman) & of course Aviation so many books on these subject alone & with an app I have with Amazon you can even get Audible books read to you it’s like listening to bedtime stories all over again …
Enjoy your day Rups

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Cranberry juice @Jordan, is delicious. One of my favourite fruit juices. I used to drink a lot of it but not so much after the stroke. I will have a tipple tonight, brandy, maybe 80 ml. I am particular with my measurements, and usually keep to the 40 ml jigger.

I’m quite interested in aviation, my father was in the RAF (technician), my grandfather was a wing-commander, one great uncle was a flight-lieutenant, and the other a gunner in the RAF. So, I have a thing for planes, but have never flown. My day has not started too well, yesterday I was poorly, today not much better, but I will rest as much as I can so I can join in with family and friends for the New Year. Hope you are doing okay today.

Lovely words :heart: happy healthier new year.

Hi Jordan,
It sounds as though you have got loads of determination, you challenge that,but make sure you do not do to much at a time. I had a brain haemorrhage in 1996. Even now I have to slow down nearly every day, but that could also be me getting older.

Hi Crick
perhaps my determination is a little OTT & I’m expecting to much …or as many say how it used to be … I get that & feel my strive/determination is for me to keep on that road knowing deep down it will never be the same though I feel keeping this gutsy push I give myself is exercising/ keeping mobile. & yes my brain tells me when I’m going perhaps a little to far & I tire my walk/tremor/fatigue kick in so that tells me .& have lately been able to stop this regime of keeping active knowing that’s enough for 2day not that I’m a keep fit fan in anyway … lol I just do things at a pace that’s so much slower than once upon a time & all now in a much more measured dose … ( I think … lol )
Nice chatting Crick & thank you for your txt
B/safe & stay strong

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Hi Rups
I hope you feeling loads better having the energy especially for your family/friend on the new year celebrations …
You mention family members being in the RAF i along time ago wanted to join the RAF as a helicopter pilot but that dream was crushed when I found out I had an eye colour deficiency not colot s blind totally but enough to say sorry what about a desk job was there next enquiry. I’m sure you can already hear my answer to that question . I felt so destroyed so passing my driving test @ 17 all I wanted as a licence was a helicipter pilots licence . Through hard work & mad savings on my 25th Birthday my flying lessons started & on my 26th Birthday one week b4 actually I obtained through hard work/saving and it being my passion in life . Like stamp collectors or bus/train spotters I get understand their enthusiasm as I have for flight over the years had also obtained night flying / twin turbine & then there was the socialising air shows & people who could afford to have in their possession a helicopter all my helicopter flying was rental or friends that had … . that was y/day I guess though I still look up & see these wonderful toys & bore whoever with me type/engine it’s celling height and so on . Yawn I know … lol
B/well Rups & chat again :))


HI, great positive words for the upcoming year, surely cant be as bad as the past two years. I had my left hip replaced last year and hoping to have my right hip replaced on 20th January (fingers crossed). I had my stroke in April 2020 and have not worked since, I am hoping to get a true reflection on how stroke has affected me once m other hip is done. Happy new year to you all x kind regards, Mick.


Hi Mick @Mixer welcome to the community, there are so many helpful people on the site with a wealth of knowledge.

That’s great news about getting your 2nd hip done shortly, once you’ve recovered from the surgery, I’m hoping you’ll be able to walk easier without pain, best wishes and I hope all goes well and you make a speedy recovery.
Happy New Year to you :+1:

Hi Jordan Blaming myself for not getting to grips with my new iPad & reading posting’s but its the atrocious lack of signal round these parts that gets me down., & my failure to master SA Forum site. Colin says same which makes me feel better . You Youngsters are so lucky. Lets All stay Posotive Pds

Hello @Jordan, it’s great that you’ve done that. I like being a passenger in the air but could never have imagined me being able to do that. I’ve never even been in a helicopter but have always found them intriguing. The closest I’ve ever come to flying was a flight simulator game I had on the old Atari ST. We all have our obsessions which I think, the diversity, is marvellous, and interesting in itself. I didn’t do too badly over the New Year, was rough for about four days afterwards but have since come back up for air. I hope you are doing fine.

Hi Rups
I’m glad you have again resurfaced for air & your new year celebrations with your family/friends was a good time had .
now that’s going back some an Atari game console . I remember when still @ secondary school the very prehistoric game consoles came out … that tennis game to large oblong block with a controller for each person & the ball was a square we would hit that back & fourth . Technology eh scary stuff in these days :joy: & you look & smart phones 2day when once they were large brick like object with a Batman belt for the batteries . Ahhh the good old days eh I have now a PS4 with flight sims I understand fully why kids do nothing but play there games on them . So addictive . I can vouch for that

I really do hope that this C-19 & it’s variants . Still waiting for the one from Mars to put the brakes on even more so . 2 years it’s been since I & millions of others been to Air shows . I been following keenly the restoration of a Westland Wessex Hu5 who once again took to the air after 36 years only a few months back & will hopefully be touring the many air shows this year . My fingers are crossed when I say hope they open up & let society breath a little better as right now for all us stroke survivors & many other medical challenges people must be at there tether ends with these measure in place granted I understand why but if anything I personally feel that perhaps they need to test the water by putting there big toe in & see what transpires
instead of precaution after precaution not knowing what the narrative will be the following week it must surely be putting many in a very insecure mindset .

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Happy New Year to you, too, Jordan, and thanks for those lovely words.

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