Gradual improvement I am improving but not in the areas of skin coldness nor knowing I have an arm

Slowly but what is progress
.what do people recognise as change in the stroke issues

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Hi Mr F. Progress post stroke is slow and based on building up from small beginnings. My stroke arm works but the shoulder area is very heavy and the arm can only be held up to a certain level. The left hand works but has a weaker grip and lacks sensitivity,although it can feel pain. My walking is tolerable with a stick, but varies from day to day. I can do so much more than I ever thought I would, but it’s nearly 7 years on from my big stroke.


Fully understand the slow ness p stroke recovery, just trying to underst and what the experience was like when the arm became active, was it wakingfrom sleep was it during massage or exercise?
The same with skin vold Ness when did someone say that is less cold or not so regular,
With walking the realisation that you don’tt need a stick and your weight transfer s effortlessly from leg to leg as you move forward

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@mrfrederickson progress is different for everyone but you should celebrate each small improvement. I use a diary to record my day & sometimes when i think i’m not progressing I look back & see how far I’ve come.
I wonder if sometimes we focus on things a bit too much putting pressure on ourselves & in turn making us frustrated when it doesnt happen as we’d like.
I can’t offer any thoughts on coldness as this wasn’t something i had. My arm i just noticed that the pain had eased a bit and i could now hold it in a more natural pisition. Then it was things like i could pick something up, move something, lift it a bit more. I sat putting pegs on a tub, then taking them off again. When i actually got them on a tub i knew i was making progress.
All that may be no help at all. Just my wafflings.
Don’t forget you’re doing really well.


I know it has been so slow for you and that is so frustrating, but as you said, you have had small improvements which is something. 7 years is such a long time, but your posts are always upbeat and very helpful to us all. So keep on doing what you are doing!!!
Best wishes, Jane.

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My mrs is up stairs on her PC I’m down here on my laptop reading the forum.
I just msged her on facetime and asked if I could have half a dozen pegs and something to clip them on. She is going to sort it for me tomorrow.
@Mrs5K I like your idea and I think the co-ordination and strength I could gain from this will make it worth doing. Anyways I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for posting that experience, I think it is something I will find very useful.
I have been spending time getting my leg going and working on my walk. It is time my hand and arm joined in the move towards something better.

As ever,
keep on keepin’ on
(but don’t forget to take breaks)

@Bobbi I’m glad my post has helped inspire you to try the pegs. It is something you can try when sat doing nothing else. It was frustrating to start with & i had pegs flying everywhere but in time it improved. When i got the pegs stood like soldiers on the side of the tub I was thrilled. I still use this exercise now as i still have a bit of trouble with it from time to time.

You could also try a stress ball or putty. My sister leant me a stress ball that had eyes that popped out when you pressed it. I couldn’t make the eyes pop out to start with. But in time I did. It was very satisfying :grin:

Anyway, good luck. I hope it works for you & do let us know how you get on.


Hi John_Jeff
I have the same problem with restricted left arm movement, my physio suggested getting GP to refer me for muscular skeletal physio, which they have done, just waiting for an appointment now. so have to do arm stretching exercises 2-3 times a day till then