Getting old

I saw this list of things that brought back memories of my younger days .
Feel free to add or even a memory of the things listed

  1. Fish & Chips wrapped in

  2. Glass bottles with a refundable deposit

  3. 78rpm records

  4. Party Telephone lines

  5. Milk delivered in glass bottles

  6. Television in b/w only

  7. Beat bobbies both night & day

  8. The coal man deliveries

  9. Shilling-in-the-slot utility metres

  10. Your G.P making house calls

  11. Television rental services

  12. Scots & Guides bob-a-job-week

  13. Two films shown per sitting

  14. Conductors on the buses

  15. Usherettes at the cinema

I remember how I used to always try be the 1st with my cornflakes in the morning so I could open the bottle of milk & pour out the cream


We were taught the policeman (bobby) was our friend. There were boys and girls, no whats?

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The corona pop man - delivered bottles of pop. Only had them at christmas in my house as we was skint :rofl:

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@Jordan omg I remember all you missed out the outside lou and tin bath. Socks for gloves on our hands as we didn’t have gloves.

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I just knew there was even more to add so glad other peoples are remembering

I remember name tags on my school uniform & my gloves were attached with a long piece of tape so I’d never loose them :joy:

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Does anyone else rember crisps with a small packet

of salt in the bag.


10 mixture? Of sweets

@Susan_Jane yeah me :joy::joy::joy: if you were rich @Jordan with tape you weee loaded. It was wool or string if we had any :joy::joy::joy:. I hated the tin bath we had it till we moved when I was 6 but it has bad nightmares for me :sob:

Oh yes i remember those. How often did you bite into the salt bag :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes:

@Jordan yes we had gloves that were on elastic & threaded through coat sleeves :rofl::rofl:

Steam engines on the railway and ‘Summer Specials’ to the coast. :steam_locomotive:

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I know this makes me look really old (63) but as a nanny I am amazed at the number of tv channels for kids. If I remember rightly we had to wait until about 3.30 for kids tv to start and there wasn’t a great choice:

The Wooden Tops
Camberwick Green
Jack A Nory
Magic Roundabout (on at about 5pm)

I’m sure there must be many more I haven’t thought of

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I’m 62 next month so remember it all don’t forget bill and Ben the flower pot men. Pinky and perky. Also the talking horse I loved it!
Saturday morning cartoons and Saturday mornings if it was your birthday to the flicks :joy::joy::joy:

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Great shout, I’d forgotten about Bill & Ben, I loved that one

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High chaperal and bananza, Z cars and remember the late night Friday night films with vampires, Dracula with Christopher Lee and Frankenstein, Randel and hopkeek deceased omg I’m going down memory lane :joy::joy::joy:

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Blob blob blob the way they talked :joy::joy::joy::sob:

The Herbs, Pogles Wood, Roobarb & Custard, Noggin the Nog and my personal favourite The Clangers.

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The first television set we had was one in a wooden frame. When it was switched off we had to close the wooden doors on the front and it just looked like there was a cupboard in the corner. (Early 60s).


Clangers - now they were good - metal hen and soup dragon!

Yep I loved them. We had a black & white TV when I was young so I was shocked when I saw it as an adult in colour! Even better.

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Collecting pennies from change that had been in ciculation since 1899 or before

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