Has anybody seen any frogs this year. We have got a pool and every year about February it is full of frogs but this year we havent seen any. I am wondering what has happened to them. I would be very grateful if somebody can let me know if they have noticed the same. I hope there is not a desease going around. Norma Jean.

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Hi @Norma_Jean_K we have a beck through our garden and put frogspawn in and we’ve seen about 20 so far hope this helps your question x loraine

Where do you get it from? And you must have some section were there isn’t a current? Or they’d get washed away?

It’s pretty stagnant our beck. It went in pond first but they are hanging about our beck. My cat watches them but never goes near.

Long ago we had a cat that would eat frogs when it found them in the garden we don’t have that garden or that cat anymore though

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Thanks for your reply you are very lucky my sister has a pond and she has not seen any this year either…Norma


there has been much talk in the media about water pollution, especially rivers and estuaries.
Maybe this goes part way to being an explanation.
There is some work being done to minimize this problem.

Thanks Bobbi any explanation helps as it is very unusual never to see any frogs. I think our water is pure enough though. Norma.

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I heard on the TV some years ago that frogs were dying out and no-body really knows why. I wonder if since then that scientists have discovered why and a solution. I 'm not a frog lover, spending two nights in The Zambesi hotel which is surrounded by toad pools and they make the loudest noise ever! Ths turned me right off these things!

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Thanks for that we used to hear them in the evening they use to make a real noise. I think thay must have disappeared which is a shame ever since we have had the pool we have had frogs. We have got rid of the fish as well as they were breeding and there were too many of them we took them to a garden centre who had a large pool . So our pool is empty apart from plants and snails etc. Norma

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It’s the droughts we’ve been having which is causing the decline as spawning pools dry up.
UK droughts already threaten disastrous breeding year for frogs | Drought | The Guardian.

My daughter had loads of them in her pond this spring and they laid frogspawn in all the local ditches as well as in the pond. My six year old granddaugher was worried that the ditches would dry out (which many of them did) so “rescued” lots of it and put it both in her pond and in the one that I dug (and promptly fell into) so we now have rescue tadpoles as well as a rescue cat

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That’s great news @FionaB1 we have a rescue cat too and all frogs from frogspawn. There’s a beck through our village and through my garden there’s quite a few I’ve seen too :blush:

You are right about the droughts it is very strange that it is the first year we haavent hd a single frog. Thanks for your reply Norma

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Thanks for your reply that sounds funny I suppose it wasnt at the time. You were very lucky to have loads of frogs and tadpoles.I envy you I like frogs tthey are amusing. Norma

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I never thought of that what a shame I hope it sorts itself out I really miss them in the pool what with the fish not there as well. Thanks for your reply. Norma

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I don’t care for frogs but I do like butterfly :butterfly:

I have never heard of a cat that ate frogs how unusual. It would have upset me if I saw that. I knew thay played with them if they caught tham but never ate them. Norma

I don’t like sound of frogs

Down south here farmers pond had heaps of spawn, both frog and toad, thick band of tadpoles all round pond a few weeks ago now for safety have all migrated to centre for safety. They are a part of natures food supply, good years and bad, if just a few survive they will build up again . Tadpoles are a fantastic food source to all sorts of wild life. Could be too many newts in your pond, go out at night and shine torch on pond, visiting grass snake would slurp them up. Goldfish and tadpoles don’t mix.
Fear not they will return. Read report of a fox gobbling up spawn in shallow water.