Fell backwards

Just when I felt I was getting somewhere I was opening a door stepping backwards when I tripped myself and went down hard on the soft carpet, good underlay, was shaken but luckily unhurt my head hurts and my left arms feel stupid but practice d my recovery technique. Sonit all bad

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@mrfrederickson oh noo hope your ok! Sending hugs :hugs:

mrfrederickson – I can identify. I thought I was doing pretty good a year ago, when I caught my foot on some bird netting outside, fell and broke my wrist. Now, I try to be very careful and intentional when I move about. I am not the “rabbit” I was pre-stroke. I am trying to channel my “inner turtle”. He doesn’t get there as fast, but he gets there in one piece! :turtle: :grin: :heart: Jeanne

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I heed you advice and will become a slower more deliberate walker , quality not speed I think.

@mrfrederickson hope you’re OK after your fall. Sounds painful. @axnr911 I love your “channeling the inner turtle”. Think I might have to adopt that strategy :grin:

More annoying as I thought I was more fixed than that obviously I’m not :rofl: my kids are surprised it is only a number of falls in single figure s, better slow up a bitbe more deliberate in my movement s

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After my first fall, it was in the hospital, a doctor came to check me over. After giving me the prognosis that I ‘would live’, he quietly suggested that if I continued making progress then it was likely that occasionally there would be more falls. I took this to mean I should be brave and be prepared to take the knocks.
He was right, as it seems to be true both for myself and others. So far I have succeeded to brush myself down and move on, even if with a limp, bruises and sore bits. I suppose you could say stroke surviving is a contact sport.
I feel sympathy, though, for those who have had the bad luck to receive a serious injury. It must take an effort of will to not be discouraged in those circumstances.
We are lucky to have this place where we can tell the tale of our adventures and to have sympathetic ears who can offer advice and comfort.
To quote an old saying, 'Don’t let the ++!!!*‘s grind you down ! !’.

Keep on, keepin’ on. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fully agree Bobbi bu I can confirm 50 plusold men should not be doing contact sports, I ache a lot but still moving forward

Feeling it this morning whole body hurts, can’t risk laughing as it really hurts

Absolutely the forum is a life saver thipain take a me back to playing school rugby in my teens, but I was more robust then

Oh sounds like all the bruising bruising is coming out today. Hope the pain eases soon for you. Resting sounds like it might be required.

Yes. I expect my left side will be colorful in the shower tomorrow, my wife can let me know which bits are going oing purple or
I could be put on exhibition at the Tate as contemporary art :sweat_smile:


Hi @mrfrederickson
Well…you might have lost your balance but not your sense of humour​:joy::joy::joy: and that keeps us all going! - I can see us all nipping to a carpet shop for 2’ thick underlay! Mind you, it’s normally (every day in fact) my head I hit on a door or wall, so perhaps I need to make a helmet out of underlay​:crazy_face: take care all.

These things always seem to happen when you least expect them. May be we need one of these…

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Mr F. This goes with the recovery process. My rehab nurse told me to expect falls. I had more in the first two years than now and always backwards. Things improved but this year I’ve had two falls, both backwards.I move more cautiously now.

I managed to hit my head last time I fell which was a bit frightening, and I am definitely being a bit cautious at the moment. I’ll try to fall forward next time as bruised knees or arms are a bit less likely to bleed than heads

I’m feeling grateful that I haven’t had a fall for ages. I do stumble a lot but guess I have learnt how to stay upright. I have noticed the last few days though that I’m stumbling more. Overdoing it possibly :woozy_face:

Take it easy @Mrs5K ann baby steps as you know sometime 3 forward and 4 back! :kissing_heart:

@Loshy thank you. I often take 3 forward & 4 back. Literally. Hubby & I joke about it now. He often says “this way” when my feet wander off on their own :rofl: xx

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Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!

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