Feeling Rough

Ah right thank you. Look like they’re good exercises for balance.

went for 58 minite walk but slow going.everyone keeps saying you shoudnt leave off statins, two weeks and two days

I misread that as you went for a 58 mile walk! All the same an hours walk is an achievment. I hope you feel ok afterwards. I’m aiming for 10000 paces a day but at the moment its an aim not an achievement

Hope you are feeling better soon with kind regards des

That’s fantastic. Well done on walking for almost an hour. I’m still trying to build up to that.

Did you speak to GP before stopping your statins? If not I’d advise you do. They can go through benefits vs risks with you xx

thats true i have had blood test,oxgen test, oxegen isgood

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i have told surgery now my results were normal, bp 118 70 today, i did clean one room yesterday, but trying do less today

Glad you’ve spoken to surgery.

Thats a really good BP. Mine was 147/81 yesterday.

Well done on cleaning 1 room. I do my housework 1 room a day nowadays.

thats high, i sit there and do it three times its usualy higher when i first sit down

This reading was from a GP visit & it was taken a couple times & said same both times. I will do a few more readings at home & go back if it is still high.

my leg is still paining, dont know why, perhaps physiotherapist will help.iwent to reflexology, it was a lot of walking 1mile 76, going down to bus stop, walking in town,walking uphill to bungalow from bus , its at the top of village, i dont need to go for walk. not done much today. i went in conservatory last night at ten, it was awash with water, the ironing basket was wet,so have been putting bedding in dryer today,its leaked since we moved here 7 years ago, someone is looking at it tomorrow, we went round bridgewater,i have donea mile

Sorry to hear your leg is still hurting. Sometimes it takes a while to go.once you’ve hurt it. Sounds like you’re doing a lot of walking though so you might need to ease back on that a bit until it settles. Physio may well help.
I hope you get the leak sorted.

Its because i cant drive and have to rely on buses.pete was at dentist in wellsh

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physio was cancelled as she is unwell. next appointment is 5th

Oh that’s a shame. Hopefully you can do some practice in the meantime. X

been to work, only two hours as i have to sit down. did washing and put on line before i went

Hope work went well. It’s good to be able to do some work. My washing is still in the basket :rofl:

been feeling lonely as people are busy

Hopefully doing a couple of hours at work helps a bit with the loneliness. It’s really difficult when you’re at home & everyone else is busy doing other things. I try & find things I enjoy doing to pass some time which helps. Perhaps there are some groups or clubs local to you that you could look at joining?