Feeling really down and useless

Feel as if I am useless had 3 days of physio amounting to 6 hours.i just feel like I’m hitting a brick wall 😮‍💨

Hello Alfiep, nobody is useless. After a stroke we all have some disability, but we also have ability. Just by coming on this forum you have demonstrated your ability. Sharing your thoughts and feelings on these forums may help others and others may be able to help you. My physio went on for weeks and gradually I did see results. As they say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.


@Alfiep hi you will feel exhausted after 6 hours of physio. Every tiny step is a step to recovery. Think of the positives you’ve managed physio! Albeit you are low probably because you are exhausted. Keep going and rest as much as you can. You cannot say you are useless as deep down you know you are useful! Give it a few weeks then look back. But for now keep looking forward to the physio and fingers crossed our weather will change again next week and we might see the sunny days again. Best wishes and positive thoughts Loraine :blush:


Alfiep. Recovery is a long term programme. It requires repetition, no matter how tedious that is. My stroke was six years ago, but I go to exercise classes three times a week to maintain my progress and, hopefully, to progress more.

In my first year post stroke,exercise seemed to achieve little, but I did my exercises every day religiously. I also try to use my weak hand as much as possible. Yes, I have my feeling useless days too, but I don’t dwell on them . Take heart. Things will improve.


@Alfiep Although you’ve done a few hours of physio in just a few days it is still very early days in recovery terms. Sometimes it feels like you’re getting nowhere then all of a sudden you’ll see a big improvement. Some people say you should record how you are now so you can look back and see your progress. We often forget where we’ve come from when we feel like we’re not progressing. Celebrate each little success. 6 hours physio in 3 days is loads. Massive achievement. Keep strong & you will definitely get there xx


@Alfiep physio is draining but necessary, it’s a lot for your brain and body to take after a traumatic injury, so of course you’ll feel a little wiped out and down.

Keep pushing forward, don’t doubt yourself and your ability, you are your biggest advocate, stay strong, stay positive.

Best wishes

Shwmae @Alfiep, sorry to hear that, I hit brick walls constantly. I know it feels relentless, and to be honest it is, but acknowledging and accepting the process is half the battle won. I had two busy days, Sunday, Monday … Tuesday I spent in bed, got up to hoover and to eat, went back to bed a few hours later. I was just shattered. I told my partner that I was having a rest day, the most I did was a bit of hoovering before dinner. I needed it, my mind and body. Every time you push yourself, the brain needs a bit of downtime to process what has just happened, like when athletes get sore muscles from training, and then go and get a massage. Except, we can’t massage the brain.

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Alfie-- Don’t let physio make you feel useless. I do understand it though. It’s so hard, and makes you realize what you can’t do. At first I had physio 3 hours a day for 3 weeks. I couldn’t do much of anything, but I pressed on. It was exhausting, as I’m sure you know. But then rehab went to 2 hours twice a week for several months. Before, I even realized it, I was improving, doing things I didn’t do at the beginning. Don’t be impatient. Be persistent. It takes a long time for the brain to rewire. You’ll get there. There’s a reason all of us are here on this Earth, and it has nothing to do with how well we walk or talk or use our hands. You’re needed. There’s only one of you. I’m glad you’re here on this forum right now, and have the courage to express your feelings. Others going through the same thing feel less alone. :heart:Jeanne


Here, here @axnr911 Jeanne, lovely response.

Try not to lose heart. Listen to all the good advice given. You are not alone. We all share your feelings. I am today waiting for my physio to come and know that I will be exhausted but also that is worthwhile. Better than not having physio during covid! Thankfully the service is back to normal. Do not give up. Thinking of you. Lilian

Hoovering on a rest day! Wow - that’s quite an achievement in itself. I will hoover the sitting room this afternoon - maybe…

I’ve had problems with depression since my stroke. My Drs. say it is normal after stroke and prescribed medication. It has really helped. I’m able to see the cup as half full instead of half empty. I honestly don’t know how I’d function without them. It’s something to think about.

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Good afternoon everyone…sorry about the melt down yesterday just felt so deflated…just finished my 2nd session of physio for the day,physio that came last came on Monday and couldn’t believe the progress I had made in 4 days altho I couldn’t see it,shes made me feel so much more positive…thank you everyone for positive vibe and encouragement im feeling so much better about how u am doing your all wonderful.:+1:


@Alfiep that’s fantastic. Sounds like you’re doing really well & good to hear you’re more positive. Never apologise for having a meltdown…we all have them & this forum is a safe place to air our feelings. Keep up the good work…you’re doing amazing.

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@Alfiep aghhh brilliant you are sounding so much more positive well done on another session of physio. Keep going and as @Rups says keep smiling it can change how you feel inside and on the outside. Best wishes Loraine :blush::hugs:

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@LMS1 good to hear the medication is helping :grinning: don’t worry about coping without them as yet, they’re doing the job they’re meant to do :+1:

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That’s wonderful to hear @Alfiep, keep up the good work :+1:

@LMS1 pleased your medication has helped you. I tried antidepressants as they took me off HRT after stroke and they said it would help me, but it wasn’t for me. Keep smiling :blush: Loraine

Good to hear you are feeling better. We all have bad days but also good days. Lilian


Wow! You were so lucky to get that amount of physio. I am now a year in and still struggling to get anything - my GP says they can’t give me what they don’t have, soI think you were very lucky in the area you live.

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