Father's Day

Happy father’s Day to all surviywho are father’s, thi s may be your firof many father s days but if you are reading this you have survived and are recovering, if it is one of multiple father’s Day aniverary s then onwards and upwards towards recovery and the next take care one and all.:purple_heart:


Diolch @mrfrederickson, I am a father of four boys. And my own father (papa) is 85 and still playing with his toys.

Just done my first mile of peddling plus burnt 20caleries


So proud of you and happy for you!!! An inspiration to us all! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

Thanks Jeanne, I am not good at much but I have stubborn persistent tendencies in buckets

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That persistence is worth mor than being good at much!!

Worth its weight in gold.

Thanks will keep pushing my boundaries until I reach a place I am happy to operate in