Distance record

Decided to do my exercise bike work out while watching the old John Wayne film, true Grit.

It must have inspired me as I clocked up 5.1 miles and 291 calories burnt so feel pooped out but very contented, my left leg was driving the bike for a good part and thleg kep true and straight


Wow that’s amazing progress. Well done @mrfrederickson
Think you’ve earned a little rest now :grin:

Thanks one of my joys is pedaling on the bike gives me a goal and a sense of purpose :rofl:

@mrfrederickson, Good job! Nice way to get through it with the film as a distraction.

I fell asleep snoring in a chair for a good 40 minutes.so anymore will have to be tonight, my brain blocking medicine is being upped to 50mg of noratripyline in a bid to give me long pain free existence, here goes

@mrfrederickson a 40 min nap sounds good to me. I didn’t get a nap today. Hope your upped meds help your pain.

Yes it makes me speed up or slow down with the run of the action, sad but effective and helps my fat burning in keeping my weight down a bi


Well done Mr F. You have exactly the right attitude. The exercise bike will strengthen both legs as well as raising your morale.

Well done @mrfrederickson fantastic progress you’ve been making

Hi, quick question for mrfrederickson, is noratripyline similar to amitriptyline?
Thanks in advance.

True Grit, very appropriate :sunglasses: brilliant to hear your progress, and hope upping your meds helps you along the way. :+1:


ortriptyline better than amitriptyline for pain?

Nortriptyline is sometimes preferred to amitriptylinebecause it reputedly has a lower incidence of associated adverse effects, which can increase patient compliance and can be particularly useful in older people who are more likely to experience adverse effects such as confusion and agitation, and postural hypotension

I just googled it I didn’t realise they were nearly the same so interesting you brought up the question. :blush:

Thanks for that Loshy, much appreciated.

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I have been given a few tips or found some items on using the bike.
a) a decent work out can be had by cycling at gentle speeds, then flat out for 30 secs, then gentle again, flat out again, repeat a couple of times.
b) short time work outs at higher resistance to build up strength in the weak leg
c) create target times/distances to achieve for various distances/times so there is variation. It keeps it interesting and a choice of things to try to beat
d) some of the workouts should leave you panting for breath and almost hard to speak

I have found item c to be useful as for a period I might not be able to beat or even get that near my best time for say 1.5 miles but go back to it after a couple of weeks I have a chance.
It can be a bit dull just cycling but the competitive side of things comes into it when there is a record at stake :grin:

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@Nigelglos sounds good to me, motivation to keep going with any exercise is key, happy cycling

Great advice looks like a bike is all I will be able to use for self transportation unless vision recovery is more real than myth

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