Discharging from Hospital

Hello everyone im new to this forum but hoping for some kind of help/advice.

My nana was admitted to hospital after a stroke 3 and a half weeks ago, they also found out she had broken her hip, we went to visit last night and they have said she is medically fit for discharge but they need to have a care package in place at home. Has anyone every had one of these before what does it include, is it all organised by the hospital or do we need to do something ?

Many thanks

Hi, Sorry to hear about your Nana’s stroke (and her broken hip).
The team in the hospital should assess her and discuss with you what care package is available, you should also be asked to attend the meeting, so they can clarify what is in the house etc. A normal care package involves carers going in at least 5 times a day, helping with dressing, toileting etc. But as not sure how severe her movement etc is, it is difficult for me to say what I think she will have. It is important that you get to this meeting with the hospital team to tell you exactly what type of care package they are going to put in for her.
I wish you good luck with it all, let me know how she gets on.
Best wishes, Jane.

@JR1934 welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your nan’s stroke. The hospital should talk to you and your nana about what she will.need at home and this should be put in place before she is discharged. Sometimes they visit the home too to carry out an assessment. If it is going to take a while to sort they move her to a rehab place before discharge home. Think this all depends on where you’re located and availability of beds etc.
You should ensure you make your views known and make sure you are comfortable she will be safe before agreeing to have her home. If you or others are going to be providing some level of care make sure you only agree to do what you know is possible (e.g. if you have to work & therefore can’t help in the day or overnight then tell them that).
Hope all is put in place soon. Best wishes for your nans recovery x

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@JR1934 welcome to our forum I’m sorry your Nana has had a stroke and broken hip! I second everything @jane.cobley @Mrs5K have said or I’ll just be repeating it all. Keep us posted. Hope everything falls into place for your Nana and family kind regards Loraine

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Just to say if they do assess the home, ideally your nan would be there as well. It’s easy to make mistakes, I had thought where a grab bar would be in a shower but it was only when I stood in the shower myself I realised it would have been totally in the wrong place to use easily.
Often it takes some time for the care packages to come about

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