Call out to stroke survivors in the london area

Hey everyone!

If you’re a stroke survivor who is passionate about food and you’d be interested in taking part as a food commentator in our new cooking video series, we would love to hear from you!

For more information, please email us at :rainbow:

@Jordan - have you seen this? Of any interest buddy?

A 10 minute car drive away. much as I like my cooking/food but not in anyway a Michelin commentator :joy:
& the 23rd of February is my Birthday :+1:t6:

The later BTW was a massive hint :joy:



A special 0 ending birthday?? ?

62nd just past that 0 but cery very close to it in numbers :joy:

Have a great W/end Andy :red_car:


Cheers Jordan… you too.
Any plans and you really dont look as advanced in years as you say…

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Hi Jordan!

Great to hear you are interested in joining us for this project, and your birthday has indeed been noted :wink:

I am on annual leave next week but one of my colleagues will be in touch with some more information and details.

Looking forward to working with you and of course eating some very tasty food during the shoot :smiley:

If you have any burning questions though, do feel free to drop us an email at

Have a lovely weekend!
Alex :rainbow:


If weather permitting on that special day although not a Bank Holiday which always makes me ask … why… :thinking::joy:
I’m off on a helicopter ride over the city of Edinburgh ( in the passenger seat) … 1st time I’ve allowed myself after coming to terms with my loss of a PPHL “ Private-Pilots-Helicopter-Licence.” & what a difficult journey that has been for me … counting the days as I type this & promising to be a backseat driver on the day


@Jordan very exciting enjoy :wink:

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3 weeks 4days to go … not that I’m fixated on the time till :helicopter::joy::helicopter:


Thats absolutely amazing and what a treat for your birthday…
Hadnt appreciated you had got your PPHL thst in itself is a huge achievement!!!.
Pics and videos please wowser!!!

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@Jordan enjoy your day, definitely something to look forward to, happy birthday


Hi Jordan, thanks for sticking your head above the parapet! :sweat_smile:

I’ll drop you an email with some more details (and a few questions).

Oh and I hope you’ve told the helicopter pilot to expect some hints, tips, suggestions and notes throughout the trip! :sweat_smile: Enjoy!!