BRAO Branch retinal artery occlusion

I had a BRAO on the 2nd November last year that has left my right eye with half its sight - like a shutter closing off half the vision. I understand that this is a form or TIA. Has anyone on the Forum had this, and have they recovered any of thier sight?

Hello @Chris_Baugh, sorry to hear you have had a BRAO, I have heard of this. Partial sight loss with cerebral stroke is common, so hopefully, someone here may be able to help.

Hi Chris @Chris_Baugh, welcome to the community, whilst I can’t offer any advice on the issue, I just wanted to say hello and wish you all the best. There may be someone here with a similar problem that you’ll be able to chat with.
Take care

Good morning Chris and welcome to the forum. I had a BRAO in my right eye 3 years ago. I couldn’t see properly it was as if I had a netted film over my eye. I was offered injections in my eye which I absolutely hated and panicked about it. But it did not hurt surprisingly enough. I received the injections for 2 years. My eyesight is not as good as my left but it is say 90% . I have regular check ups and it is dry inside my eye now but, sometimes I see a dot if this makes sense!
Hope you get it sorted, good luck Loraine