Brain shift

Had small stroke in March 22. But my brain seems not to have recovered. Find it hard to concentrate and social events very tiring. Sometimes my brain seems to shift into a kind of dream mode and I’m not sure whether what I’m doing is a dream or reality. Also my balance seems affected as if I was on a boat, not giddy but just as if the boat was rocking up and down. Anyone experience similar or knows what causes it.


I had my stroke Dec 21 & i’m still having concentration issues (although better than it was) & i too struggle in social situations - sensory overload i think its called.
My balance issues have improved but resurface when fatigued.
Its still quite early days for you yet so plenty of time for improvements. You could check your balance issues with your GP as there might be something they can do / give you to help it.

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Shwmae @cutler662, any idea of the type of stroke you had? The boat metaphor rings the bell of cerebellar stroke to me?


I had that dream/waking mode state in the early stages of my stroke. For me it was just a phase I passed though. I think in one sense I was disconnected from reality and was not aware of what was happening to me or where I was.
I could speculate, but I think it is a wrong approach to try to explain it. It was something that happened but now no longer happens.
The balance issue however is something that remained. Months later it has improved. As you begin to move about, you will gradually relearn things like balance. It is pretty much standard and those who are treating you will address these issues.
What is happening isn’t always easy to comprehend. Sometimes you will have things explained but forget what had been said. What has happened is a massive shock to the system. It will take quite some time to addresss all the issues.

Early days they can’t do everything at once. They will be trying to stabilize you to prevent ffurther damage and observe to see how things are progressing. Each case is individual and no case follows exactly the same path. So constant observation in the early stages is vital and treatment depends totally on those observations.

Eventually when they are happy that you have stabilised you will be started on therapy that will help you emerge from the symptoms. This could be short term, but could go on for a very long time.
For this reason it is difficult, if not impossible, to map out your journey for you at this stage. This Forum is a very useful point of contact to help you find your way.

I apologise, I have somewhere to go right now and must leave. As I say you are in good hands here.
All the best for your future, take care.

Keep on keepin’ on


Hi I was toldit was a lacunar stroke, affected my right legbelow the knee

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No one is treating me. I was told as I was on apixaban there ws nothing else they could do so I have to suck it up

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Okay, lacunar is a fiddly kind of stroke because it affects the smaller arteries. There are stroke survivors on this forum that have suffered the same. I am wondering where though, if it was in the cerebrum or cerebellum. Don’t feel you need to answer this, I know post stroke is as confusing and a confusing thing. Your “boat like” symptoms may have to do with your vestibular and oculomotor function, that means balance and sight. So, cognitive spatial/visual awareness. Your brain isn’t matching up what you see to what it interprets you see. Some stroke survivors describe it as feeling drunk. However, not associated with the carefree nature of the experience. Does this sound familiar to you?

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Oviously they do not consider you to be at risk now. The symptoms you are experiencing may stay or gradually subside. I cannot say. I do know that improvements can occur weeks, months, years even after the stroke. There is no time limit over how things go.
I suggest you maintain contact with this Forum. You will find that although we all have differences you are not unique. You will find a sympathetic ear, encouragement and advice here, all given for free by other stroke survivors who care and will do what they can.
You are beginning a journey, but you are not alone.

Keep on keepin’ on.


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yep, and I miss the drink, thanks

thanks, i just try and do what I can when I can. I would have liked to have a discussion with a consultant/ medic, but didn’t even get that, so this site is v helpful and supportive. thanks

Shwmae @cutler662, I never gave up anything that I felt I didn’t need to, but every situation is unique, and requires adequate thought. :grinning:

Hi cutler662. When I first had my stroke, part of the rehab was to have me stand on a sort of enclosed platform that tilted this way and that, forward and backward, etc. to retrain my balance. So, I know there is rehab for balance issues. Perhaps some some sort of exercise? The brain is affected in all sorts of ways after a stroke. Time and retraining is what is needed. Not unusual for you to have trouble concentrating or being tired from all the input of a social event. Your brain will be in healing mode for quite some time. It’s working hard to heal and needs a lot of quiet, rest and sleep. I had the same dreamy feeling after my stroke 4 years ago, and it still occasionally happens when I am tired. My guess is that the “dream mode” you speak of is your brain saying, “I’m tired, let me rest.” :slightly_smiling_face: :heart: :heart:Jeanne