Bad head

Shwmae @FionaB1, the brain files away experience to use in the future. I have mastered walking around my house, I can do jobs in the garden, and walk in the woods, but put me in an unfamiliar environment and I can start to fall apart.

That’s reassuring @EssexPhil. I talk about cerebellar stroke to almost anyone who asks or knows I have had a stroke. It’s important that folk have it on their radar if something askew happens. Hope the start of your week has been all right.

Both a fascinating and somewhat unnerving article however on the whole the body is incredible, so much going on inside us at any one time, most of it we have no conscious control over.

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Yes definitely. It was more like being drunk than a stroke, had i been out and about the response might have been quite different.

At about the same time i had mine there was a guy appearing on BBC Breakfast trying to get in touch with a nurse who had been the only person to stop and help when he had his stroke in town. He presented exactly as drunken including being sick and people just ignored him. :frowning:

Shwmae @EssexPhil, I can relate to that. Paramedics checked a wine bottle on my desk because I had been throwing up and was legless on the floor. :woozy_face:

I’ve had a few wry smiles when i’ve been doing my wobbly walking in local town from people who think I’ve been drinking. I woukdb’t mind but I’m tea total…i just smile back at them :rofl::rofl:

i can totally sympathise with those balance symptoms, i fought hard to regain mobility. i used tai chi for beginners videos on youtube.

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Shwmae @bikerdave, I also do tai chi, it’s the best form of gentle, controlled exercise I have come across.

@bikerdave welcome to the forum. I’ve never tried tai chi but will have a look and see if it might help.

So I eventually started taking my betahistine tablets to see if I could shift the dizzy feeling & for 1 day I felt a bit better. Yesterday morning though I started to feel really woozy/dizzy again. This time accompanied by feeling very sick. Any movement at all made me feel like I was going to fall over so a sofa day it was. Followed by a very early to bed in the hope that my head would stop spinning. This morning I felt a little better but I’m now feeling a bit worse again although better than yesterday. I haven’t felt this rough since having my stroke. I’ve looked back at my diary to see if I’d done anything to bring this on & I can’t identify a culprit. I’ve doneca covid test & that was negative so I’m at a loss as to why I’m feeling like this. Feeling very sorry for myself today!! More rest it is then :grin::grin:

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@bikerdave welcome to our forum and thank you for sharing your information. Best wishes Loraine

@Mrs5K oh Ann I’m so sorry you’re suffering like this. I had a similar incident 6 months after my stroke lasting about 4 days. How long is it since your stroke?

Have you managed to ring the GP or maybe your stroke nurse if you are still in touch with them? Or even 111 for advice?

I would get checked out don’t leave it as it’s been going on for a few days.

I’m so sorry for you . Sending a massive hug :hugs: :hugs: and positive thoughts and energy for you. Please let us know how you get on. Very kind wishes Loraine x

@Loshy thank you. Next week i’ll be 12 months post stroke & i really thought by now i’d be past all these type of symptoms. I don’t suppose i’m the only one who thought that.
I haven’t spoken to my GP yet. Getting hold of them is difficult & my GP doesn’t work Fridays. I’m still waiting for stroke team to get back to me following a previous call. I will definitely.get checked out if it continues though.
It’s a little reassuring to hear you had the same. Not that i wish it on anyone as its horrible but makes me feel a bit better knowing its probably a normal part of the recovery process. Stroke really does suck doesn’t it.
Thank you for hug & positive thoughts. I really need them today.
Sending some in return :hugs::hugs:


Oh Ann can you not speak to a different GP it’s the weekend and that’s another few days gone. I really feel for you. I hope it rights itself.

Could it be any if your medication causing problems?


@Loshy I love that hug thank you. I don’t think its my meds as been taking them almost 12 months without any issues. I did have a load of bloods done this week following a GP visit & they’re all normal apart from my bone & calcium ones which is another story…still waiting investigations for them. I mentioned the dizziness to GP last week & she seemed to think its all from my stroke. This bout is another level though. I’ll give myself a kick up the backside in a minute :rofl::rofl:

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@Mrs5K Ann I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time of it lately, sending big hugs.

Hopefully the meds will kick in and you’ll feel better.

Thinking of you, take care

Thank you @Mahoney i’m still feeling yuck but hope the meds will help very soon. Being permanently dizzy is quite debilitating.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.