Bad down day

I’m usually a positive person but really struggling today, had a hospital appointment this morning not about the stroke, a cyst was found when I had the ct scan so it was about that, I went to hospital feeling great first time out without my walking stick and actually felt I walked better without it, saw the consultant hadn’t seen her before so she made me go back to just before stroke talk through what happened and all the issues I’ve had (lot of gyno stuff I won’t go into) anyway

I felt like she just basically said I’m a fat mess and now because my emotions are all over the place I’ve been in tears for hours. I don’t know if it’s stoke issues or hormones doing this, they can’t give me hrt because it increases risk of stroke. Ugh its horrible sorry for the moan just I’m on my own and needed a vent

Hi Lorraine

Sorry to hear you’ve had a rotten day. I’m sure your consultant didnt intend to upset you but some of them have an amazing ability to stick their foot so far in they tickle their tonsils.

The wobbly/teary feeling is likely to be a bit of both hormones (I had peri menopausal floods of tears in my mid-40s and was made to feel like a right basket case) and stroke (folks here will tell you that) and I’d agree.

Feel free to kick me if I say things can only get better :sunflower:


@Sharon_B i suspect your emotions will be affected by your stroke & the menopause. Oh its fun isn’t it. :slightly_frowning_face: i’ve had appointments where i’ve come away in tears not because the consultant has done or said anything particularly but just because I felt like I had enough to deal with & they’d thrown something else into the mix. Just let the tears flow…I am a firm believer that its good for us to have a good cry sometimes. Hopefully tomorrow you’ll feel a bit better about things.
You never need to apologise for having a moan. We’ve all done it & that’s why this group is so good as no one minds & we’ve all been there.
Sending hugs :hugs::hugs:

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@Fib i love this. It made me smile :relaxed:


@fib you have made me laugh :joy: thanks

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Thanks @Mrs5K yes your right it did feel like another thing piled on me of course I knew I needed to lose weight but a lot going on etc menopause is awful I will be so glad when it’s all over.

You have my full sympathy. I had an awful time of it in my menopause & couldn’t have coped without HRT. I was taken off it as soon as I had my stroke so can only imagine how awful things must be for you not being able to take it.

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@Sharon_B so sorry to hear you’ve had a rough day, sending big hugs :hugs:

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Hi SharonB vent moan and groan here most of us do. When I have a melt down don’t do it by halves, but have to curb naughty words. Also of the opinion that it’s good to have a good cry. Staying positive I think gets easier so chin up playing this frustrating game of snakes and ladders

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@Sharon_B sorry to hear you’re low. Keep talking to us we all have problems since our strokes.

I had my HRT taken off me after my stroke, cold Turkey for 5 months and I was like a Tasmanian devil :imp:.

WhT about asking for counselling it does help it did for me.

I feel for you and I agree with most of things said already. A good cry is ok but try and do something nice for yourself a hobby, or give yourself a facial or pedicure. It may make you feel nice I often do this if I’m very low.

Good luck I wish you well regards loraine. Sending a big hug :hugs: loraine

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@Fib i think you might mean this for Sharon @Sharon_B

@Loshy I did, apologies…woolly brain.

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Hi Loraine being on here more and chatting will help, I’ve probably needed counselling in the past but never wanted to do it pretty much the same now, I feel it’ll be another thing to add to the list of things wrong with me it’s also difficult to get to appointments I don’t feel confident enough to go anywhere I’ve never been before on my own, one of my sons come with me but they both work all different hours and none of us drive it’s all a faff to get places. I suspect I’ll end up at counselling at some point I was referred to mental health while in rehab, funnily enough I did feel ready to talk in there, a few of the nurses were good, I knew one from years ago and offloaded a lot to her, never heard anything from mental health. I’m really missing getting out in the garden decided I’m going to increase my exercising I know that’ll make me feel better, I’ve also got a adult colouring book, im very like my aunt personality wise she says the colouring in really helped her.
Thanks for reaching out I hope your recovery is going well

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@Sharon_B thanks for reply.

I paint by numbers when the mood takes me and my hand is ok. I really enjoy it.

My counselling was all done by phone I didn’t have to go anywhere they were really good and it did help. I used to look forward to talking to her once a week, it’s worth a try.

Keep going we all will get there. Regards, loraine

@Sharon_B sorry to hear what you’ve been through … I can relate. The Stroke Association is offering a form of Counselling currently, why not ring the Helpline and ask to be put on the list. ALL done by telephone :phone: :slightly_smiling_face:
0303 3033 100. You can also just ring the Helpline if you’re having a rough day, or for information :sparkles: take care :sparkles:

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@Sharon_B i’ve started adult colouring since my stroke & i find it very relaxing. It has helped me loads. Hope you get some enjoyment out of it x


Hi @ZX1 thanks for that info that seems more doable for me

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Great @Sharon_B …. Wishing you good luck with it :slightly_smiling_face::sparkles:Anne

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For those also struggling with menopause without hrt I’ve been reading about Flax seeds possibly helping, here’s the link to a good article Flaxseed for menopause: What does the science say? | Nature's Best

I was already eating some but have now increased them, here’s hoping it works.


i feel low as family are too far, e are too busy to ring, hubby in his own world of writing, just feel isolated, feel whats the point, weekends are looming, i do go to shop on friday , but cant stand for more that two hours, went to bath wednesday, went in the sally lunn resturant