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How long is isolation normally? Lilian?

Hi Lilian, I believe it’s 10 days if you test positive however you can stop self-isolating after 7 days if you do a lateral flow test on days 6 and 7 of your isolation period and

  • both tests are negative
  • you did both tests at least 24 hours apart
  • you do not have a high temperature

Though if you live in Wales or Scotland the rules may be different.

Probably it’s best for you to check out the NHS website for the up to date guidelines as they seem to change on a regular basis.

Best wishes

Dear Mahoney Thank you for the information. I live in Cheshire and so it is relevant. I am pleased to say that my test has been negative for two days. My husband is still positive and so we have to isolate for longer. We have not been I’ll or had any symptoms just.very bored! Thank you so much for caring to reply. Are you at work yet? Best wishes and thank you again. Love Lilian

Hi Lilian, I’m so pleased you and your husband are symptom free and feeling ok whilst having the virus, another couple of days and you’ll both be back to your usual routine.

My son currently has the virus and has had one negative test and has to wait 24 hours before he can take a second to see if he can be stop isolating. It’s a strange thing though his wife and children have tested negative so hopefully once he’s clear they can resume their normality. He said he felt a little off for the first two days but nothing he could put his finger on to say was a symptom, otherwise he’s been ok.

Yes, I went back to work yesterday for 4 hours and will go again tomorrow for 4 hours. Whilst at work I felt ok but when I got home I was totally wiped out and just had to sit for the rest of the day till it was time to go to bed. I slept longer than usual this morning, there’s no way I could have gotten up to go to work if I had to, thank goodness there’s a day off between work days. I’m hoping that will get easier, though only time will tell.

Take care, best wishes

Dear Mahoney Glad to hear all well at work. Make sure you have enough rest and don’t do too much. Hope your son is o k. I am still doing well and my husband is o k but still showing positive. Take care. Love Lilian

Will do Lilian.

Back in lockdown 1, my brother got covid and he showed positive for about 9 weeks! As it was all very new back then and of course a different strain, his workplace kept paying for PCR tests each week at a private clinic (around £150 per test, they weren’t free back then for everyday folk) and the person doing the test said he could show positive for up to 3 months using a PCR test. He wasn’t allowed back to work and all his family had to stay isolated too.

Hopefully your husband’s lateral flow will show the all clear soon as they aren’t as sensitive as the PCR tests.

Take care and best wishes

Dear Mahoney We are both o k now. It was really just like a heavy cold, not at all I’ll. Hope you are well . Lilian

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Hi Lilian, so pleased to hear your both well again.

Take care, best wishes