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Hi Des, yes finally I have contact with the stroke team ... they're very busy though, so it's taken a while. Good idea will be getting in touch on Monday again for a checkin, and a nurse suggested today I ask my GP re local support ... synchronicity! Not on Facebook, but thanks for the suggestion. Anne ?

My stroke was March a left back cerebella lucuna infarct. I thought is was getting better then out of the blue 10 days ago I could not get my balance. my head was spinning the room looked like it was whizzing past me. I was very scared. It lasted most of Friday till my husband took me to hospital. I stayed 6 nights in medical ward which was hourendous. I had mri didn't show a stroke. I was discharged with innner ear problems (load of rubbish) given dizzy tablets and sent home last Thursday. I'm still suffering lots of head pain sometimes nauseous and catch myself off balance. I wondered if anyone else has suffered this. My stroke doctor saw me and said the stroke I had can upset the balance yet he let medical doctors with their opinions discharge me ( aged about 25) they didn't have a clue. A response would be appreciated thank you .

morning, I had same stroke but back right in March. I get extreme headaches daily which they have tried a few things, dizziness I get at least twice a week, got given tablets but still continues, had mri scan few months ago showed only the old stroke so after many conversations with doctors and different tablets still no conclusion, said it probably the type of stroke I had. Hopefully will disappear with time. Hope all is ok with you

That ok might be good to join Facebook if you do the different stroke group is a private group so no one apart from group can see what you write and messages that are sent. The site is very good indeed all the best des x


If you're looking for someone to support you to do things have a look at a charity called United Response. They do have support workers in various parts of the country. Pre pandemic I had support from them to help me with my walking. They have a real can do attitude and are prepared to help the people they support to do the things that matter to them. Not too expensive either and if all you need is one hour a week they'd do that.

The type of stroke I had affected my head and I had double vision.than has gone now but my head still gives me problems I saw the neurologist annd had an mri like you didnt show anything. They said it was age related. Origi ally the neurologist said it coud be my inner ear but nothing was done about it. My head is muzzy all the time and balance is awful. I am seeing the neurologist late October so see what he comes up with. Hope you soon feel better. Norma Jean. 82 yrs.

Thanks Norma that's what they said to me "could be innner ear" I know they don't know. They have given me some anti dizzy medication I've been on it over a week and it has not helped. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking in a dream then my head loses its balance like a brain shake I don't know how to describe it. Then I can feel speeded up too. It's life changing and I hope it gets better as my quality of life isn't to good at the minute I've just turned 60, hoping there's plenty life in the old dog yet!! ?? take care and thank you for replying 


Thanks boom I've wrote to Norma if you would like to read it. It sounds the same as yours but opposite sides. It's very frustrating. Can you drive? I haven't as I'm trying to be sensible hoping this wears off in the near future. I was 59 when I had the stroke in March. Thanks 

no driving yet, Iv got to take a concentration test the therapist put me forward for. But if I’m honest as it stands I’d only be able to drive short distances safely. Im 41 but trying every day to improve as best of can

Lots of luck and keep positive ?

Hello Loshy, I too had a cerebellar stroke, and yes the cerebellum manages equilibrium and proprioception (balance, movement, distance, et cetera). You did the right thing. MRI is the only way to detect TIA or stroke with the cerebellum. I was misdiagnosed with BPPV for three months before I had the major stroke. Okay so here's the thing ...

Any acute changes like that, you should go into hospital. But sometimes, my consultant told me that cerebellar stroke syndrome sufferers sometimes go to hospital with all presentable stroke symptoms but no TIA and no stroke. He calls these "blips". 

Medication side effects can cause dizziness, I have some meds that do, and the problem is that it exacerbate the stroke symptoms. I take the meds at night, so I am only dizzy when I get up to use the bathroom. 

If you do have BPPV, then it should last a few weeks, and the medication should ease it but if it goes on longer or the medication does nothing, it is worth checking in with your GP asap.

Cerebellar stroke symptoms can get worse with anxiety or fatigue. I remember in the months (I am one year now), walking to my door, and the whole world rushed up at me. I started to shake and sweat, my legs felt very weak. I put myself to bed, and it passed. 

During neuroplasticity, symptoms can become incredibly acute, as the brain is trying to repair, and if you up and about doing things, it can't devote the time to it wholly. This means it will misfire, and symptoms will increase. For instance, at times when my brain has been wanting to repair, I have done housework, and the result of that meant I go so giddy, and felt so unsual, I had to go to bed. I should have, acutally, gone to bed instead of doing the housework. 

If you have acute sensations, do the cerebellar examination (there are lots of examples online - You can then rate the severity of your symptoms, if you go below a certain number, you could be having a TIA, so it is worth doing this exam, even for peace of mind. 

Everything you have described sounds to me a textbook cerebellar stroke, but it depends on the severity of it. I am not a doctor but I would be likely to think you may have had a TIA possibly? As all six of the TIAs I had felt like that. I could be wrong, it may just be a "silent stroke", a blip, or any of the above I have mentioned. Please just monitor yourself, and perform the cerebellar exam if worried. 


Thank you so much Rups, this is so very helpful. I get giddy doing  housework or walking exercise too. Sometimes I can feel speeded up then my brain feels like it shifts or shakes! They have said inner ear or vertigo but to be honest I think they are wrong. The symptoms were to much like my stroke except the head pain was not as bad as the cerebellum stroke in March I experienced. Thanks again and keep improving. You are very knowledgeable. Loshy

Hi, I suffered a bilateral hemiplegia in 1995 at the age of 10. This resulted in rightsided weakness. After my initial stroke I was unable to move, talk, speak or swallow. This was extremely frustrating. Then I started getting involuntary movements in my right arm and regularly hit myself in the face. Slowly thanks to a lot of  physio and having my arm placed in a cast this got better. After a month in hospital I finally regained my ability to swallow and my speech returned. I was finally released to go back home. I had a physio who would come twice a week to try a get the strength back in my arms and legs. After months of hard work I eventually managed a few steps unaided. I still use a wheelchair when I go out due to continuing mobility issues and use a Walker round the house as it is open plan and I feel too unstable to try a get from one side to the other. I'm not going to lie it's been a real struggle at times but it's made me fight harder for things I want. 

"Love animals, nature, Sci Fi, Space related stuff", same, I listen to drone & drift ambient sci-fi music to help me sleep, it's the only truly lulling music for me. I had my stroke September 2020, before that was misdiagnosed with BPPV, no one would listen to me at the time despite even telling my GP that I think the vertigo is connected to lack of blood or oxygen to the brain. "They were SO impatient...even though I explained I'd recently had a Stroke." - As I am awakening more to resolving my symptoms, I am discovering more and more that people around me suffer from a shortfall of empathy and pathos. I thought having a stroke was bad, but I wouldn't want to be them. 

I'm reading "The Brain that Changes Itself", and finding the overview of neuroplasticity to be fascinating, I'm pleased that you are fighting harder for things that you want, this is a good brave attitude.

Spidermonkey- Keep on fighting!   You've made wonderful progress.  Having undergone a stroke 3 years ago  that totally paralyzed my left side,  I understand the struggle to get strong and improve.  Once you couldn't move.   Now you can walk.  Just think what you might be doing in the future with hard work, as your brain rewires itself and your muscles strengthen. You have a lot to offer the world.  You can help so many others by sharing your story and encouraging them.  Glad you're here.   You're not alone.  smiley Love, Jeanne

Wow spider monkey you are an inspiration to us all well done. Keep going your amazing sending positive thoughts . 

Thx Des, will have think bout it ?

Pamela ... that's amazing! I've been trawling the Internet and haven't seen this mentioned, much appreciated, I really mean that as feeling so overwhelmed. Huge thanks ? x Hope you're well 

No probs. Happy to share what's helped me to save others having to trawl the internet.