New addition meds - pregabalin or gabapentin

@TRFCANDY53 I have nerve pain on the left side of my face, I was first given gabapentin but it didn’t work at all for me, I then went onto pregabalin, it worked although it did take quite a while to find the correct dose and times to take it, over time I have had to get the dose increased as the nerve pain came back. I’m now on 200mg three times a day which takes me to the maximum dose so I hope it continues to work, as a bonus I found it helps with my anxiety. When I first started it I slept a lot, now the only side affect I get is a bit of a dry mouth. Hope you find one of them helps you.

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Thank you @Sharon_B thats really helpful.
Glad touve got the right meds now



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As of today my pregablin dose is zero,first time since april/may I think and my first gabapentin 100mg is tonight. Likely I will have some pregablin in my system for a little while.

As a summary,pain gradually getting worse, not great currently but some odd events which don’t fit neatly with medicine reduction

What I have noticed neuropathic pain wise on this reduction journey

  • it has gradually worsened from starting to reduce dose until now. Bearing in mind I didn’t think pregablin was especially effective, hence the change.
  • hard work right now and using paracetamol. All the pain is in my weak side. Some areas have pain such as my ankle which have been ok before
  • trying to avoid stronger pain killer if I can
  • almost impossible it seems to know benefit when you are on it
  • walking has got more difficult
  • pain seems worse on movement after being still
  • coordination of left hand not so good

There are some unexpected items which logically don’t tie in with medicine reduction

  • on one evening two days ago I could walk surprisingly freely/well
  • rode 8 miles on bike yesterday, previous best was 6
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The link mentions the difference between pregabalin/gabapentin and amitriptyline and what type of pain they are good for.

I haven’t seen this stated anywhere else. Assuming this is accurate I wonder looking back if I was put on pregablin initially almost as a matter of course.

My journey so far has been Pregabalin to gabapentin to now amitriptyline. I have had a few breathing issues of late (not covid) hence ending up with amitriptyline but as they have not fully gone away, not sure that was down to the medication. Who could chance it though. it’s too early for me time+dose wise to see what difference amitriptyline will bring. It’s not come with the dopey and tired side effects of the other two tho.

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@Nigelglos hi I take garpbentin 2,100 a day spread through the day and 20 mgs of amertriptyline at night.

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Im on Pregablin. 200mg a day. I take it 50mg x 4 times a day. I get a little confused about what is classed as Neurological pain. I dont have pain but just a stiff foot and leg. Toes feel they have an elastic band around them and leg the same total tightness in muscle but its not painful although i do get pins and needles a little bit in arm and hand again not painful. Im not sure the pregablin helps that much to be honest. Total numbness down legnand foot. Wondering would gabapentin work better.

Hope everyone is ok. X


Many thanks for your reply Colin…taken 3 weeks for my gp practice to authorise me starting 75mg of pregabalin and they atill havent sorted the prescription atcthe pharmacy.
My physio and consultant are telling me it will help with myscle tightness wtc so i m hopeful they are right on this.

Appreciate you taking the time to reply…
Keep smiling


Baclofen is often prescribed for stiffness.
I think neuropathic pain covers a multitude of things such as burning, pins n needles, numbness, heightened sensation.


Hi Lorraine, were you on gabapentin and then added amitriptyline on top ?
I am in more sharp pain now I am on just amitriptyline than when I was on pregablin before. Often in the hamstring or back of the knee and my walking isnt as good of late.
Did you have any breathing issues at any point ? I think mine are down to the muscles/tendons from my shoulder across my upper chest perhaps not moving as they should and restricting things a bit.


I’ll PM you when I get a minute x

Fungers crossed for you Andy. Keep us posted on your progression.

Cheers Colin - i will buddy

Hope you are doing ok.

You ever join the zoom calls?

Day 1 of 75mg Pregabalin today in addition to usual meds…

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@TRFCANDY53 lots of luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Thanks @Loshy

How are you doing today? Grandkids behaving for you i hope?

@TRFCANDY53 Only have them for tea Mondays and Wednesdays about 3.5 hours an evening. They live next door so see them often. I’m fine thanks

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Thats perfect…how old are they and boys or girls?

2 boys 5 and 8 and my granddaughter 11. Very noisy and very funny :smile: @TRFCANDY53

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They sound fab and full of beans

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