Hearing Loss

Before my stroke 5 years ago, my hearing was within the normal range, but when I saw an audiologist after my recovery, just as I had thought, I had moderate hearing loss, which was worst in my right ear. I was given two NHS hearing aids, but find it difficult to distinguish speech in busy places. I rarely wear them beyond when watching T.V. as there is too much distortion. I seem to cope better without them.

Post stroke Aug 2019 hearing is down to 10% in left ear best. Having earing aid fitted next week.  Very opptamistic about the future. 

Hi , i was 45 when I suffered a major stroke in 2014 , I had perfect hearing before after the stroke I was left with tinnitus in my left ear l have an Nhs hearing aid to help mask the ringing in the ear works sometimes really hard to have a conversation when there's a lot of background noise.it'S just another symptom you have to get use to.

Hi, So sorry to hear you had a stroke at such an early age.  I heard that tinnitus is one of the effects of strokes.  I had a stroke in September 2020. I loss the use of my left side which I am working on now.  I am missing walking at the moment with the weather being what it is.  I hope will find some relief to the tinnitus.

Dear Monique

do try to keep all muscles etc moving, just a little, until you can get outdoors for proper walks.

i got hearing loss which was similar to tinnitus. The great thing was that unlike tinnitus, mine eased and went away. 

i was/am left sided weakness, being a stroke on the right side of my brain. 
be positive

smile a lot

you are not alone



Hi David, I had hearing aids for both ears about two years before my stroke for tinnitus.  At the time the audiologist insisted that because of the strange, unnatural sounds that comes with hearing aids that for best results wear them all of the time.  She told me that many people simply give up because of the sound so I was determined they were going to work for me.  I wear mine from first thing until bedtime and you actually very quickly adapt to the sound and no longer hear it.  

Since my stroke my hearing, especially left side, had gone down so I went for another hearing test and yes it was down.  She swapped both of my hearing aids to the latest NHS ones and told me that for when I go back to work to contact Access for Work who will give me a device which can be put close to another person (say in a noisy restaurant) so you can hear them clearly which works on the Loop system.  You can also use the device near to the TV if needed.

I would encourage anyone to seriously give their hearing aids a fair try before giving up and I am sure you will learn to love them :)


Thanks so much for that info - my 84 year old Mum is going to need hearing aids, and she's very intolerant if things don't work immediately ?.  Perseverance is the order of the day!!  

Nhs hearing aids, latest ones ! 

Are these an improvement on old type, too much background noise ! Still needed subtitles on tv . Thanks David