FORUM GAMES - Place Names

Littlehampton - seaside resort town on the south coast in West Sussex

MEXICO CITY :mexico:

Nottinghamshire :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:

Old Langho - village in the Ribble Valley near to Blackburn. Blackburn Rovers have their Academy and 1st team training facilities their.

Pakistan :pakistan: :pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan:

Queensferry - there is North and South on the Firth of Forth. Before about 1964 they were both very busy villages as the ferries carried alot of traffic accross to Fife from Lothian. After the Forth Road Bridge was completed Circa 1964 the villages fell quiet.

Ramsgate - seaside town in Thannet, East Kent

Szeged, Hungary

Tynecastle Stadium - in Edinburgh where Hearts play
:hearts: :soccer:

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Victoria falls beautiful place to visit

Wennington - a village in the north of Lancashire

X marks the spot :joy::joy::joy::joy::scream_cat:

Yukon - a wild and remote territory in north-west Canada. Has some National Park areas.

Zeefeld - Austria
My 1st time skiing a long long time ago and scene of my bying carried off a mountsin with torn left ankle ligaments…ooooowwwwwwwwww

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Andorra :andorra: :andorra::andorra::andorra::andorra::andorra::andorra::andorra::andorra:

Bassenthwaite - lake and village in the northern area of the Lake District.


Cockermouth…lovely west Cumbrian town

Derwentwater - lake close to both of the above


Eastham or everton or ellesmere port.

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