Cooking rice with a Ninja

It is okay to differ even if we don’t all like it at times :smile:

My son has been at me to get a rice cooker but I’ve resisted up to now, I’m still a little old school in somethings but I do try to move with times :laughing: But I have also seen the price of them :grimacing: I’d want it to do more than just cook rice at those sort of prices, man cannot live on rice alone…well, I can’t as it’s not good for diabetes :smile:

I believe you @Loshy . I’m still alive after my reheated rice, no :poop: or :face_vomiting:

Just made another two kilogram batch of cooked rice for the freezer. Chomped our way through the one made earlier, which caused all sorts of dismay, disarray and concerned voices.

I must say some very nice meals were prepared using it. That is the plan for the present batch too.

The previous batch was consumed over six months, with no ill effects, as usual. It was bagged in portions which were pulled out of the freezer as and when needed.
I expect something similar with the latest though I hope I don’t have to justify enjoying the output from our kitchen this time.

Keep on keepin’ on
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Enjoy the fruits of your culinary labors

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