Cooking rice with a Ninja

I wouldn’t worry about it too much @Bobbi, I’ve had many posts diverge into different topics, it’s the nature of conversation. I would just post a “Rice in the Ninja take two”. Looking back, we must have bought one at around the same time, as I posted about the Ninja in January, and a few days later you did too :grinning: All grist for the mill.

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Admin can most likely split this post from just below your original post and make into a separate subject of it. Can you put in a request?

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I’ll possibly simply start a new thread.
Probably I just need to man up and expect some opposition if I choose to speak in public. Everybody isn’t going to always agree with what I have to say and I should be prepared for that.
I do prefer to live in a world where we can all say how we feel, even if it is controversial.
I value your comment, EmeraldEyes, thank you.

I think it is okay to differ occasionally.


It is okay to differ even if we don’t all like it at times :smile:

My son has been at me to get a rice cooker but I’ve resisted up to now, I’m still a little old school in somethings but I do try to move with times :laughing: But I have also seen the price of them :grimacing: I’d want it to do more than just cook rice at those sort of prices, man cannot live on rice alone…well, I can’t as it’s not good for diabetes :smile:

I believe you @Loshy . I’m still alive after my reheated rice, no :poop: or :face_vomiting: