And a cold on top

@mrfrederickson it will stay positive. Get your son to walk about from town with a friend don’t let it knock his confidence. Did you report it to the police? Then again is there a point.
My nephew has his jaw broken at Christmas he’s 20 he was in hospital 7 days had to have his jaw wired and set. He’s ok now but was so low when it happened. He told police but nothing else’s happened.
Have a nice Sunday and enjoy your day with family x

The police were involved and will be visiting the boys concerned and their parents, so hopefully that will be an end to it soon
As I became infected at the stroke association meeting last Monday it will be 7 out of my 10 days of recovery, mid week should see me turn a corner.

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@mrfrederickson thats good to hear hope you are feeling at least better than past few days. Glad police were involved :grin:

He will meet his friends on the bus for college tomorrow they are protective of each other so he will be fine


Thats good to hear thst hes got good pals that look put for each other. Makes all the difference in rvery asoect of life, including stroke recovery.

Hopefully youll feel better again soon and be readyvto attack your big week in work.

All the very best to you smd your familyMark