Yoga after stroke

I used to do yoga before I had the stroke, absolutely loved doing sun salutations and other yoga flow routines that included some inversion poses such as downward dog and forward bends.

In fact most transition poses from standing to floor involve the forward bend, I was Just wondering if anyone knows if these are contra indicated following stroke?

I’d like to try yoga again but not sure if gravity and blood rushing the head is a good thing.

Does anyone do yoga following a stroke?


Hello @Mahoney, no I do Tai chi, and I think yoga is recommended for stroke survivors too, but I would just be aware of carotid artery tear if doing odd head positions as someone has had a cerebellar stroke form doing that. I don’t think blood rushing to the head would be dangerous if practised gently. That’s just my opinion, as I am not familiar with yoga.

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Thanks Rups, I’m by no way able to do head stands lol, I was a novice before and would class myself a beginner level at present, so there would be no complicated poses in my repertoire.

I appreciate your input, I may try tai chi as an alternative.

Best wishes

Hi Rups, just wondering if you have any recommendations for where to start with Tai Chi?

Do you go to classes?

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Hello @Mahoney, well, I at first searched for videos on Amazon, and came across this gentleman, from whereabouts looks like California, doing Tai Chi Qigong. The videos are free, so I went along with his moves. I looked at other videos, and I increased my repertoire. Now, I put on soothing music and do Tai chi in the sitting room. You can modify movements to suit your own personality. I do a succession of movements that appeal to me. I recommend Louhan patting, which for me stimulates my whole nervous system. You could find any examples on YouTube. I have people that do Tai chi in groups nearby but they like to get going at the crack of a snail’s fart, so I don’t join them. It would be wonderful if there was an evening Tai chi group nearby but, sadly, not. This website might help you find classes in your area. It’s very gentle and peaceful, I know you are afflicted by anxiety, and from my own experience, I can vouch that it helps calm the whole nervous system but unlike yoga it also prepares one for action because it is a measured form of martial art.

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Thanks Rups I shall give it a go :+1:

Well it’s about 25 mins later and I’ve Just tried my first session, interesting I must say, the guy I followed (Don Fiore) had a little flow, (which I really enjoyed) followed by the Louhan patting, which I have to say felt a little strange to do lol but again enjoyable and ended with a short 30 seconds or so tree hugging meditation pose.

I have to say it was truly relaxing, I’ll definitely try it again.

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Dear Mahoney. I read your post about yoga. I did Pilates before my stroke. It is very close to yoga. Since my stroke I am unable to do all the exercises but I still do the seated ones on my bed each morning. They are certainly helpful and no adverse effects. Even after my second stroke I still do them.Lilian


Hi Lilian pleased to hear you’re still keeping up with your Pilates practice :slightly_smiling_face:

I have tried a few easy yoga flows, still need a lot of practice but as they say, practice makes perfect.

To me it’s all about the trying, keeping our bodies moving doing something we enjoy, makes it easier to continue.

Keep up the good work Lilian, best wishes

When my physio was giving me an increasing work load before my support came to an end, she suggested simple balance based yoga might be worth trying as i was able to complete most of the regular balance exercises with relative ease. I found some short 5-10 min bits on youtube and showed her one then tried it with guidance.

Right side is very good but when on the left leg part def notice a lot more muscle work correcting and maintaining balance - not fallen over yet. Which i take as a huge positive :sunglasses:

I found it really good and a way to see and feel improvement. Nothing over taxing just getting the brain to learn what to do. I’m now 15 minths post stroke and generally in a good place, but if i leave the yoga for a week or two, boy does it show when i get back to it! Makes me realise that for me i need to keep at it a couple of times a week to maintain the recovery level.

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I started with Yin Yoga, which was so good to strengthen me whilst getting familiar with my balance issues. Over a number of months I have now progressed into more standing poses. Working closely with the instructor has helped and listening to my body has been really beneficial. Actually, I love having my legs hanging in the air (can’t remember the names of poses) whilst led on the floor with a block/cushion under hips. It is really good for the nerves and blood and nutrients to the brain. I feel yoga is so valuable in helping us regain our strength and well being

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Hi @WonkyBrain welcome, so pleased to hear you’re enjoying your yoga and finding it beneficial.

Best wishes :woman_in_lotus_position:

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