World Cup

Coukdnt agree more Jordan!!!

I think France or Brazil will lift the cup @ the end of the tournament. In my humble opinion
Giving you two teams also TRFCANDY53 what two teams do you fancy .??

GOod picks Jordan.

im with you Jordan and going France but will go Argentina after watching them last night!!!

Yup Argentina are good but more an outsider to the final glad you said France as one of your choices :+1:t6:
Not a betting man but this once only I wage you 10p in saying France lift said cup :blush:
your winner TRFCANDY53 .? & just to make it interesting England are not again to be mentioned :joy:

Ive had a wager on Argentina mate!!!

Love many sports, but hate football and especially the WC! The fact it buggers up TV schedules, and this one is so controversial, is truly sickening. Not everyone likes football! Mind you, adore tennis etc and they do the same sometimes, so fair’s fair I guess! The sooner it is finished, the better! Until next time, that is…Rock on. Carole x

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Ypure so right Carole and i also share a love of tennis. Ive played for 40 years before my stroke and my goal is to gst back playing before thecstart of next season ehich is Aoril 2023. I reakky miss it and also the socisl side.
Do you play?
Once its over then its mince pie time!!!




Nice one buddy

Cheers and hope youre doing ok



Kane will be kicking himself when he arrives back in icebound England and wishing he had scored!


@Jordan - hows it going there?

Just atarting my motability scheme journey, plenty of cars all at a good subsidy that i like the look of… i’ll keep you posted.
Hows the gym/swimming going?
Keep well and take good care buddy.

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Hello Andy
My swim/gym going fantastically well though I just can’t get that streamline diving position so still creating more of a wave , though I do so enjoy the worried faces of the life guards who always seem to be heading towards my end of the pool :joy:
My gym I’m clocking up the Km’s on tredmill/cycle & even breaking into a sweat that’s getting on the machine as well as exercising :joy:

what was your P.I.P points awarded to you ?



That all sounds great Jordan snd fab progress…
Grest work indeed.

I get full enhanced PIP buddy

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Wonderful news in getting the full 12 points which allows you to join the Mobility scheme who will guide you through all aspects of what available on their scheme including info on obtaining a blue badge … <<<<
I hope you find all relevant info” on this site

ohhh and YES you can get a Mini on the scheme also :joy::red_car::joy:

Do keep me up to date with your progress Andy & happy to forward anymore queries you may have


Cheers Jordan you lovely man x.

Ive registered with them snd started the process - wont be a mini though sorry…
Its a fantastic scheme and best bit is i can insure wife and sons for nothing too (both under 25!!!)

Cheers buddy

Hows your week been?


I was just venting that a Mini is also available on the scheme & thankfully we all don’t like the colour blue … :red_car::joy:

It’s great you’ve now registered with the scheme it’s all I hope now plain sailing for you Andy regarding car/insurance ect …

Your not the 13:50/14:45/15:40 kinda driver I hopes personally I like to drive one handed & let the steering freely slip through the hands :joy:


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You BRG mini is cool…

Ill get back all my normal habits when i get back into it i’m sure!!!
Deffo on e handed for me…sadly lol

Have a decent weekend


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