World Cup

Morning all

Its a wet windy Wednesday on the Wirral so thoughti’d drop a topic on here and ask whether you are watching the World Cup…
Not a political post as i abhor everything FIFA and Qatar has done to be sblecto stage this. But like a lot of folk im ibto footbrll fnd wantvto watch the worlds best players and find ways of distracting myself.
On Friday 25th im 6 months post atroke - so early days but im largely staying positive and focussed on progressing to be the best version 2 i can be.

Ive soent hours reading the forum posts and find all of benefit in some way - so thank you all from the bottom of my heart

Cheers all
ANDy xxx


@TRFCANDY53 aooo Andy that’s so kind. Thanks and for your input.

This football WC is a water closet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi Andy, Good to hear from you. I’m a big football fan but hate the fact that this WC went ahead. I also hate the corrupt FIFA organisation but I do enjoy the world cup!
I am fortunate to be mostly working from home so can have it on in the background silently. It is nice to be home for this tournament as I was in hospital recovering from my stroke all through the Euros last year.

Good luck with your transition into Andy 2.0 and enjoy the football


@TRFCANDY53 I have watched some of the matches and will no doubt watch some more. I’m trying to just enjoy the football & ignire the politics around it.

Glad you’re finding the forum useful. Good luck with your ongoing recovery. L


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Cheers Mark
Im only warching certsin games where i have fantasy foitball players involved!!!
My two lads aged 21 and 19 couldnt give a monkeys about it!!! My missus watches with me sometimes!!!

Thanks fkr your goid wishes

Hows your journey going buddy?? Well i hope

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Thanks Ann with you 100% there x.

Yours too!!!

Amerry band of brothers and sisters in arms we are!!!


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Love that Jordan…permission to borrow please?

Ypure rightcthere but i try to avoid toilet humour!!! Gets me into trouble lol

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I am all for it. Football is a major thing for me. It is something that keeps my mind active and is readily available on different types of media. I can no longer go to live matches so at the moment the World Cup is keeping me very busy in my armchair.

Obviously I want England to win and I hope Wales do well. I also enjoy watching some of the emerging teams. The standard of the Asian and African teams is getting better as each world cup comes round. :soccer:


Yes i get all that too. Plus my fantasy football team keeps?my brain engaged and me interested.

Franxe and England most impressive so far!!! Im half Welsh so im hoping they do well too.


Who is your domestic team??

Accrington Stanley are my first team but I also follow the Lancashire clubs in the league, they are Burnley, Blackburn, Preston, Blackpool, Fleetwood and Morecambe. In my lifetime I have been on all those grounds except Morecambe.

Do you watch Tranmere or anyone else in your area?

Ooooo - I see Japan have just beaten Germany. I thought we would see a few surprises!


Feel free too use … not my joke


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Hi there, my son (23) actually took most of his annual leave to watch games! He has been playing since he was 5 and still plays which I love.

My recovery is going really well thanks. I’m almost 18 months now and getting used to how to deal with most things. Fatigue still the hardest part to manage and would be nice to get some feeling back in my fingers.

Keeping as positive as possible seems to be the best way forwards :grin:.


Tranmere through and through mate - been going since age 5 nesrly 50 years!!!
Have a softvfpotvfor the Toffees too but dont go to Goodison. Been to all Lancs grounds inckuding Accrington!!!

Spain hitting 7 is a surprisecof sorts too!!!

Grestvto hearcthat youre still progressing so far along.
My elads played too but quite at under 16.

Positive mindset is deffo the key to this

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Cheers Jordan i will .



Yes, Andy-- You have the exact right attitude. You are in the early days, and will get better and better with each day. Most importantly, I like what you said about being the best version 2 you can be. That’s what I try to do-my best every day and to make each day as good and happy as I can for those around me and myself, too. My best to you. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart: Jeanne

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Thank you Jeanne thats a lovely message to wake up to x.
I hope your recovery journey is going well and each day has sonething new and different x.

Cute doggo you hsve as your avatar bet he or she looks after you too x