Working again

Starting working again
I start a short term contract next week to help keep the finances afloat.
Certainly a level of apprehension but that is normal, only part time and fully remote A bit of a putting my toe in the water to see how things are, if good may go permanent, need something to go my way after this unlucky period


Very great news and progress Mark, im chuffed for you.

Take it steady and hope it all goes well.

Let us know how you get on


@mrfrederickson that’s brilliant news

Thanks Andy
Will update you all once the job is underway,
Thanks for the supportive response.

@mrfrederickson that’s great news. Hope all goes well. Look forward to hearing how you get on.

Thanks early days will get excited at my first payslip!


Oh yes pay day is always a good day :grin::grin:

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Will do, brave new world.


@mrfrederickson that’s fantastic, wishing you all the best with your new role

A few snags are stopping me signing a contract so as with everything it’s not over until it’s over

@mrfrederickson hopefully you’ll get all the snags worked out quickly

Maybe a day or two before they weigh up the options in a contract so fingers crossed

Brilliant news, well done you. :crossed_fingers: It all goes well for you.

Regards Sue

Good but not a done deal yet seems quite daunting

@mrfrederickson weigh up the pros and cons, but ultimately do what’s right for you, if you’re not ready you’ll know

Well done Mark, thats great news.
I managed to get some part time work in our local supermarket after my stroke. I only do 20hrs per week and physically shattered after my 4 hr day and come home and get some sleep.
That said I wouldn’t change it for the world, it gets me out and makes me feel good just chatting to the customers which I believe has aided my recovery.
Good luck, hope it goes well👍🏻


Put 2 hours on the time shirt thi s morning,
Getting back to a routine just before the weekend

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Survive d the first day and it has made me tired.

More tomorrow


Well done on getting through day one. Here’s to day 2

Well done @mrfrederickson