Will and Power of Attorney

Got my Will completed, phew.
And my Power of Attorney.
Sat with brothers a long time to go through everything.
Spent time with the representative from the Law Firm who was 1st class never pushed anything, never hurried anything answered every question from me and my brothers👍
So with this Cerebellar Ataxia my symptoms are getting worse so I know now that everything’s done on that side especially after my stroke.
(It is a lot of £££ but applying through Will Aid is a big relief)
Took me a while to complete this memory and all that…

Memory is the big worry at this present time…
Funny old world isn’t it.


That’s wonderful @Matelot892 , it’ll be a weight off your mind.

Yes it’s expensive but it actually works out cheaper to do it whilst you have capacity rather than someone having to apply for deputyship later on, if you can no longer make decisions for yourself.

Best wishes, take care

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