Which is best statin?

Have been prescribled ezetimbe (post stroke) but my stroke nurse said a different statin would be best......keep getting conflicting accounts. Anybody help me out here. Thanks.

Hi Jane - How have you been getting on with ezetimbe?  It works in a different way to the other statins apparently, through your liver.  I was put on this by my GP as I cannot tolerate any other statins. I had to come off this after just 10 days due to difficulty sleeping (never had any sleep problems before) and aching shoulders and hips.  So not on any statins now. All the rest have landed me in A & E due to extreme weakness and unable to use my legs when on them.  My GP said if the ezetimbe didn't work, there isn't anything else I can try.  I read somewhere that you can have all your blood taken out and cleaned of cholestrol and put back in again.  I mentioned this but he said that is not recommended and my cholestrol level was not that bad enough to go down that route - it's 6.9 at the last test.


I have had no problems with ezetimbe, it seems to have suited me, but have been told that although it lowers cholestrol it doesn,t smooth out the rough bits in the arteries, and so my GP is trying to persuade me to go on what she refers to " a proper statin"!!!!! The joke is my cholstrol levels are pretty good.....4.0.....so don,t really know why I need a statin at all.

I am sorry you have had all the problems with statins, is it possible that a complete change of diet could alter your levels? Grasping at straws really, but cannot think of anything else. I am from farming stock, and it amazes me how all my family ate all the wrong things and never had this cholestrol problem (well it wasn,t heard of in those days,) and lived to a good ripe old age!!!

Let me know how you get on anyway.


Good to hear you are OK on them.  It's a family thing unfortunately for me.  My Mum and brother were the same. My Mum was never above 8 stone and was only 6 stone when she died. Her diet was meagre in her latter years.. a bit of boiled fish and salad sandwiches. She took statins 40mg every night for over 15 years and her cholestrol levels were never below 9.5.  She lived to be 94 and never had heart problems.  So it's weird! 

My husband eats the same as me, only more of it, and his cholestrol is 3.2. His Mum had an extremely high fat diet as she was brought up in the generation where fat was good for you (similar to your family) and was needed to fuel the body so she always had gold top milk, pork with crackling on a Sunday followed by fresh cream cake galore ! She ended up with heart disease and had two heart valve replacements done - her cholestrol level was never higher than 2.5 !   4.0 is great so if you're OK with them,I would stick with what works.  I'm sure GP's get paid commission from the drug companies to push statins!! 

I agree with you about the GP's, having just come back from the doctors and they are insistent I go on Rosuvastatin, why when the other works o.k for me!!!! They are saying that the ezetimbe only lowers cholestrol and doesn,t smooth out the lipids in the arteries, so am confused all over again. Still given no reason (as stated in another post) about this pressure and tightness in my head, they say they don't think it is anything to worry about, which is what the neurologist said. But I would still like someone to tell me what is going on.Can we ever get the help and advice we need!!! Anyway, thanks for your help and support in this, it has been so appreciated.



You're welcome!  I was put on Rosuvastatin by the hospital after my stroke. It was the only statin that I've had in over 20 years that actually lowered my cholestrol.  All the rest increased it!  I kid you not.  At my 6 week check up after the stroke, the neurologist was gobsmacked and said my level had come down from 6 to 4.6 in 6 wks.  I was absolutely fine until about 3 months after starting it and ended up in A & E. Weakness to the point I couldn't get out of bed. At the time, I was on Clopidogrel as well.  My guess it was probably the Clopi that caused the weakness but A & E insisted I was allergic to statins due to previous admissions and statin history.

I suggested to GP to take half a tablet but they were tiny and couldn't really be cut successfully as they were only 5mg. I suggested one every other day and again he said it wouldn't work and better to try a different one.  Since then, I have read a couple of interesting articles regarding trials of Crestor (the brand of Rosuva I was on) and both Universities said that even 2 Crestor per week was still enough to reduce cholestrol by 20%. That's a huge amount for me!  I might ask if I can try it again but have just started weightlifting today after a year off so will see if that works before.

It's so hard to fight your corner with GP's. Is there another one in the practice you can ask for to get a second opinion? At my surgery, my GP pushes statins at every opportunity but the Dr in the next room disagrees with them and says "They may increase your life by another 2 yrs but at what cost to your quality of life!"  Hope you get sorted - good luck! x


Dear Jane

There simply is not the knowledge to deal with us. Every stroke is different. GPs shouldnt be seeing us at all. We need dedicated medical help. But we are the cinderella illness. Things are improving rapidly, but it doesnt help if you are in your first year of needing the help immediately.

After my own research and considerations, I decided to tell my GP that I owuld rather live ten good years rather than fifteen lousy ones. Now the point is that I was asking him if I could stop statins. He was fine about it. If however he doesnt have any such input from me then he wil be in trouble for failing to prescribe. His notes show I asked to opt out so he is not going to get sued nor reprimanded by his association.

Just a thought.



Thanks for that, will keep you informed.


Thanks for that Colin, I totally agree with you and I really appreciate your input, it is such early days for me and all so new, so really thank you for your help.


I have been on Atorvastatin for two years following my stroke and kept on it following hole in heart PFO closure and I have had no side effects. I know it varys per person so what ever works for you, my cardiologist prefers Antorvastin as a way forward....

Thank you for that infomation, very helpfull.

I take care of a brother who had a massive stroke & can't take major decisions for himself. 

My brother was put on statins after his stroke 5 yrs ago .  I read extensively on cholesterol, statins and side effects. I wasn't happy that my brother was taking statins.  After 3 years he got muscle weakness and he went off statins on my advice.  For two years his LDL level was 2.8 and general cholesterol 3.6. Despite eating apples and drinking apple cider, His latest results are awful - his General cholesterol is 6.8 and LDL 3.9.

The doc recently suggested the ezetrol drug that you are prescribed .  It is a new drug but works differently from the other anti statins, i.e. Simvastatin etc.  It works on cholesterol that is produced by the food you eat whereas the other anti statins work on cholesterol naturally produced by the body (or genetically produced cholesterol).  Ezetrol or equivalent can be used in conjunction with other classic statins so that genetic cholesterol and food induced cholesterol are fought against together.

i hope I have been clear in my explanation.  I have now asked for my brother to return to Simvastatin (seems to have the least side effects) as I can't possibly let my brother run risks with high cholesterol.  

You can find tons of reliable info on internet on statins... 

All the best !  


Hi, Thanks for that. I did manage to find out on the internet about this statin, evidently it is good for lowering cholestrol, but does not smooth out the platelets in the arteries (that cause the clogging) if that makes sense. So have now been advised to take a different statin. They just can,t seem to make up their mind, which is of no use to me!!!!! It is such a mine field, so any help like you have given me is appreciated. Hope your brother will be o.k on the simvastatin, wish him well from me.


My husband has had a minor TIA and cholesterol 6. He was advised to take statins but when we read the info with them it lists Fibromyalgia ( which he has) as one of the reasons not to take. Getting no advice from GP

Mine was 6 when I had a major stroke 4 yrs ago and also 6 when I had a TIA last October.  I have taken many different brands of statins but all with the exception of the one I take now gave me muscle pain.  I was told if I didn't take them, I would continue to have strokes so I took the consultant's advice.  I have been taking Rosuvastatin 10mg since last October with no side effects. When I took them after my first stroke, I could barely walk.  2nd time around, I have no muscle pain at all so it is worth trying them. Rosuvastatin reduced my cholesrol from 6 to 4.6 in 6 weeks and also increased my good cholestrol. If you don't get any help from your GP - try getting in touch with your husbands stroke consultant. 

I was prescribed statins several years ago before I had the stroke but got severe leg pain from simvastatin and atorvastatin so it was agreed between myself and my GP that I should not take them. At the time my cholesterol was around 6. Since the stroke I have been taking Rosuvastatin 40mgs with no side effects at all. Sometimes you have to try different types until you find one that suits you. 

I have not been able to take statins.  They give me stomach aches.   So the doc put me on ezetimibi(Zetia).  It is used for reducing cholestrol but is not a statin.  I have been on it for years with no ill effects.  It has lowered my cholestrol, but I think statins lower cholestol more .    I also take 500 mg niacin with it each day.    Jeanne

Thank you

Thank you

My husband has been taking Rosuvastatin now for 5 weeks. He hasn't suffered any side effects although sometimes it can be difficult to spot differences in his fibromyalgia muscle pain. Too early to tell if cholestrol had reduced but he still gets instances of numbness in arm and tingly right side of mouth. It only last for about 10 mins. We are not sure if that is something that will continue to happen or is a concern